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    IPhone 7 specs, features, price and release date

    Are you looking for information on IPhone 7 specs, features, price and release date? Ask our technical experts.

    As per the latest tech news, there was some info or rumor about Apple's iPhone7 releases but there is no official information about it. Some says it must be releasing on 16th September 2016 and some says a different date. Thus, I would like to know when iPhone 7 will be released and what is the specification, technical features, price of iPhone 7 smartphone?. What is so special compare to iPhone 6 series? Also, where to buy iPhone 7 online? Kindly specify.
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  • The iPhone 7 is slated for a release in September 2016. It may be too early to predict anything about the device. However, here are a few leaks that have been doing rounds in the media.

    The screen is expected to get a huge boost in terms of display resolution. There are rumours that indicate a QHD or a 4K screen this time around. The display size is expected to remain either 4.7 or 5.5 inch. Some trusted tech blogs have been indicating that there could be a few design changes in the display. There hs also been a talk about the switch from LCD to OLED technology.
    A edge to edge display is rumoured to be a possibility with iPhone 7.3D Touch is expected to make a comeback. What I would love to see is the resolution being bumped to 1080p.

    The camera is not expected to see any changes. The iPhone 6 has seen the resolution of the camera from 8MP to 12 MP. It does not seem to be changing anytime soon. However, we may expect a few tweaks. The most expected is Optical image stabilisation. The camera lens is expected to get bigger.

    The low battery life has been the most frequent issues that were reported with respect to iPhone 6. Apple is expected to hike up the battery size this time.

    Hardware and software

    A possibility of a Hexacore processor is doing the rounds. With the plethora of phones launching with Octa core processors, that is exactly waht is least expected from Apple. The RAM is likely to be upped to 3 GB RAM.
    If the rumours in the tech blog arena are to be believed, iPhone 7 is likely to bring a Hexacore Apple A10 chipset. But seeing what Apple has been upto all these years, we may safely expect a quadcore processor and a 2 GB RAM. 3 GB RAM is most unlikely.

    The iPhone 7 will coincide with the launch of iOS 10. That would be the biggest leap for iPhone fans. The best features that iOS 10 promises would definitely be the huge USP for iPhone 7.

    The storage capacity of the iPhone 7 is expected to be upped to 32 GB from the current 16 GB for the basic variant. The move appears to have been a result of stiff competition from Android counterparts.

    We have also being flooded with numerous leaks about what iPhone 7 is likely to offer you. The possibility of a dual SIM variant has been doing the rounds.

    However, Apple has come on record stating that the new iteration of iPhone will have minor changes with respect to previous generations, while the major overhaul is likely in the 2017 models.

    The speculations are rife about the pricing as of now. The 32 GB basic variant is expected to be priced at around Rs. 52000 while the 64 GB and 256 GB versions expected to be priced at Rs. 61000 and Rs. 71000 respectively.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Here are some of the features of iphone 7 phone.

    There are not many ergonomic changes in the phone. But it has now got two new color options - Deep Blue or Space Black colour variant. Compared to the iphone 6 the device looks much slim though.

    The two variants of plus and pro are likely to have size specification of 4.7'' and 5.5'' display. The base device model will be limited to the 4.7'' inch. All three devices will have 16-32M color and resolution similar to the iphone 6 specification.

    The phone is expected to have 3GB RAM included in it. The device also includes Stereo speakers in them. These are total four speakers in them. New standard for headphone jack is being revealed 3.5mm size. So those with regular standards may need to upgrade to this new jack. No more 16GB iphone variations coming from iphone 7 onwards.

    Iphone 7 series is expected to have 12 MP camera and with few changes to the front camera. The new facial recognition options in iOS 10 and onward may require better resolution. So you may see some changes for the front camera.

    Comparison to iPhone 6
    When it comes to comparison with iphone 6, you may find that battery life is much improved with addition of 1960mAh battery in iphone 7. The phone is also expected to see the iOS 10 update into it after the release in some continents. Apple A10 which is a dual core SOC, is likely to bring performance improvement for the iphone 7 models. Rest of the features are minor updates with nothing much improved compared with iphone 6.

    You can find a lot of price variations if you check most of the online sites. So unless you get official note on this, here are some of the common rumored prices. The 32 GB version of the phone is expected to be priced at 52000 Rs. The Phone 7 Plus with same storage capacity will be 60800 Rs. As for the iphone pro the price is going to be 70200 Rs. The 128GB variants are priced roughly around 78900 and 88900 Rs for Plus and Pro respectively.

  • iPhone 7 is not released yet and the expected release in September or maybe in next year Jan. There is no confirmation from the team, below are the rumored and expected specifications and features.

    Design & Display

    With dimensions of 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm for a 4.7 Inch LED-backlit IPS LCD screen with a Resolution of 750 x 1334 pixels can fit easily in hand. With a pixel density of 326 PPI will make the images look sharper and bright. The screen is protected by the default Ion-strengthened glass and oleophobic coating. It features one Nano SIM with GSM / CDMA / HSPA / EVDO / LTE support.

    Software & Hardware

    Apple iPhone 7 will be running on iOS 10 with latest Chipset of Apple A10 with 2 GB RAM and with available options of internal memory of 16/64/128 GB. With 12 MP Rear Camera and 5 MP front Camera will be a treat for selfie addicts. Can record videos at 2160p@30fps, 1080p@60fps,1080p@120fps, 720p@240fps.

    Has WIFI, Bluetooth ( Only Apple devices ) and NFC support. It doesn't have a 3.5mm Jack for headset, it is replaced by a new one which will have similar look as of charger. The whole system is powered by 1960 mAh battery and this might be a drawback and the first test will be run on battery to check whether it sustains a work day or not.

    It is rumored to be available in Space Gray, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold colors with an internal memory of 16,64 and 128 GB.

    Though the specifications looks mediocre but the apple team will bring out the best from the smalles and fascinates the whole world.

  • Release Date:
    The so far announced releasing date for the iPhone 7 is tentatively September 16, 2016.

    The Features
    1. Button-Free
    The so called traditional design of iPhones are most probably be replaced with the new button-free design in this new model of iPhone 7. The home button that is seen in the iPhones so far which is to be entirely removed to give the screen more space and better look.

    Sapphire Glass
    Rumors have spread that the new iPhone 7 might wear a Sapphire glass in place the Corning's Gorilla glass that we used to see till now in the iPhonesso far. The Sapphire glass is said to giving much more tough glass protection which cannot be easily broken. It is said that Apple has been already making its use in their iWatch model.

    Wireless Charging
    We have seen the introduction of Wireless Charging by Companies like Samsung in their phones like Galaxy S6 edge which brought about quite a good impression from the customers because of its convenience. Apple had to be in the race and thus the new iPhone 7 would charge without wire, is what the rumors are been spread.

    Enhanced iSight Camera
    To keep the new iPhone 7 ahead of its competitors, Apple decided to work with the improvement of picture quality, that is ensured through the introduction of an iSight camera which is renowned for its ability to take crystal clear and brighter pictures through its 13 megapixel primary camera. Even the rear camera would probably be of 8 megapixel which would suffice as well.

    Water and Dust proofing
    To maximize the level of protection to this premium device, the iPhone 7 will be able to keep itself safe even to Water and dust exposures.. According to the latest rumors, the iPhone 7 will be protected iP67 standard of waterproofing which will equally resist the phone from dust. As per the claims of IP67 the device would serve as before even if it gets drowned under 1 meter water over a stretch of 30 mins.

    OLED display
    The latest feature of OLED display instead of LCD in the coming iPhone 7 has generated a lot of customer demand as with OLED, the phone will have its own light to illuminate brighter.

    The Speculated Price
    The iPhone 7 is said to be falling under a range of 800-900 USD depending upon the different locations and the amount of GB space options available as the memory.

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