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  • Which Drone used to detect the smoke in the sky? Are there Drones in India ?

    Drones are one of the most proud inventions of the current days. If you are looking more information on Drones in India, ask our technical experts.

    Which is the First Drone ? Where was it invented and by whom ?
    How many Drones does India have?. Are there Drones that detect the fuel after burning or Combustion or detect the smoke in the sky?. Has it been invented ? If yes by whom ?.
    What does Drones include ? Does Drones include Computer programming language or Computer Graphics, Grid Computing or What type of computing is been used ? Is there Maths included in the Drones to identify the location? Will there be Artificial Intelligence inside the Drone or Drones been operated from the remote location ?
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  • What are Drones?
    Actually the word Drone is discouraged in the science and technology circles. The correct word should be Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAVs. The word Drone came into being as the initial UAVs had a bee like structure with the buzzing rotors.
    Initially they were used by government and military organisations for their use in warfare. But now they are marketed for kids, teenagers, photographers and nature lovers among others. They come in different sizes and shapes.

    History of Drones

    The very first reference to a drone, or a drone like structure can be traced to 1849. It was not exactly in the form of modern day UAVs. Austria attacked Italy with unmanned balloons loaded with explosives. The actual unmanned aircraft was used during the World War I.

    How do they work?

    As for construction, drones use lighter components in their construction. This ensures lower weight and good options in manoeuvrability. They are also equipped with GPS, laser guided missiles and infra red cameras. These constituents depend on the purpose for which the drone has been built.
    They are made in different sizes depending on the usage planned. There are drones that can be flown by hand and then there are those which need runways ( not of the type we see in airports, though).
    The drone has two basic components - the Drone itself and the control system. The drones are controlled either through a full fledged control centre or through a remote if it is a smaller one.

    The actual technology used in drones is not uniform across all of them. The material, type of construction and control depends on the usage area that the drone has been developed for.

    Computer languages and algorithms used in Drones

    The language needed to build a drone would be dependent on the type of construction and the usage being employed. Normally it depends on the hardware used. For controlling the drone, you can use any programme language as you would do with an application. Normally C++ based languages are used.

    Artificial intelligence in drones

    Well, the AI usage is confined to the government and military purposes. As long as the commercial usage is concerned (it should not be forgotten that commercial drones are not permitted - at least in India).

    Drones in India

    As for the usage of drones by India, the first ever instance should be in 1999 during Kargil Conflict. When manned aircraft caused casualties as it proved to be inefficient when it came to handling the inaccessible terrain of Kargil region, Indian Air Force used IAI Heron and searcher drones which could help get better information about the line of control. After the success of these drones, India has upped its purchase and development drones into its fleet. India currently has a huge fleet of drones Harpy and Harop UAVs from Israel Aerospace Industries. It also has IAI Heron and searcher drones.

    There are a few indigenous drones developed by DRDSome of them include
    • DRDO Lakshya: This is used for discreet reconnasance and target acquisition.
    • DRDO Lakshya:This drone is used for intelligence gathering in the enemy territories. The drone is also used in reconnaisance and surveilance. The drone is currently going through the trial runs.
    • DRDO Aura: It is a stealth drone that can missiles and bombs. It is still in development and likely to be tested in.
    • DRDO Rustom:It is a Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance (MALE) system. It can be used both for reconnaisance and combat. They have been planned for replacing the Israel Heron drones.

    There are also civilian drones being developed in India. Amazon has been into Prime Air delivery systems.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Here are some of the answer to your questions on drones.

    Which is the First Drone ?

    If you are referring to the commercial use of UAV then those drones were invented in 1980s. Prior to that scientifically drones originate back in 1849 as first UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicle). Today the UAV you see as commercial use for taking images and weather monitoring are referred to as drone. Also the military calls them drone for their unmanned attacks. Scientist prefer the term UAV.

    Where was it invented and by whom?

    First UAV was invented to attack venice by Austria, in 1849. From 1915 onwards their use in combat was too regular in regions which were hard to infiltrate

    How many Drones does India have?

    Publicly released drones of the Indian military or science department can be listed on their respective website. Or you can read the Wikipedia.
    You can also track commercial drones in the market by checking the license holders data. However not all of them are registered so it's hard to get the accurate data on this.

    Are there Drones that detect the fuel after burning or Combustion or detect the smoke in the sky? Has it been invented ? If yes by whom ?

    There are some photosensors and some specific gas sensors that can be enabled on drones. However the accuracy of such sensors stops from proper detection of "detecting if the content is fuel or any other substance". Smoke can be easily confirmed with photosensors and imagery along with gas sensors. No specific data on who has invented is available on the internet. However you can find commercial sensors on gas leakage and smoke detection easily. Integrating such components on drone isn't hard on commercial or military scale.

    What does Drones include?

    What drones include depends on the application of the drone. For example commercial toy drones are just calibrated motors and fan that can be managed with the joystick. As for the military level drone may include imagery (camera and satellite connection) and detection sensors.

    Does Drones include Computer programming language or Computer Graphics, Grid Computing or What type of computing is been used ?

    Based on the data available on the internet. Drones can be programmed to follow specific path. The type of programming language for them depends on the manufacturers specification. Some of the articles from wiki refers to the drones making use of raspberry pi and can make use of python, java and nodejs.

    You can search for "Drone Pi" to know more about the type of language you can use and the type of computing that is possible in such drones. More advanced drones underlying technology is harder to find out since such data is not public unless the commercial application is visible.

    Is there Maths included in the Drones to identify the location?

    Location detection options are possible with satellite connectivity which may be costlier. Or GPS can be integrated for location information. Depending on the price the reasonable component can be integrated.

    Will there be Artificial Intelligence inside the Drone or Drones been operated from the remote location ?

    AI related changes in the drones are limited to the military and government drones. Commercial drones making use of AI is likely to be restricted and put under some policy. That's why normal citizen can't use drone from X country to take pictures in Y country from remote location. And so such usage is for military use only. Limits of operation and the amount of distance traveled from location of release may depend on the drone components. Some only travel specific distance without any connection from the sender. So in terms of AI, that development is limited to the government and the military.

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