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  • What are the most popular Antivirus software available with Indian make ?

    Are you curious to know if there are any popular antivirus software available in the market that is made in India? Ask our technical experts.

    Currently market is filled with many antivirus software to detect and make our system safe with virus and related activity. Kaspersky, Norton, Panda, McAfee, Avast and many more. I want to know what are the Indian make antivirus software popular in similar category? Which is advisable to buy?
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  • Here are some of the Indian antivirus companies that you can try -

    1. Quickheal

    This company is from Pune, India. They started in 1993 and now are shipping their products all over the world. The product has very good firewall and antivirus options. On the malware protection issue, however not many tests favor quickheal. It's good if you need protection against most common virus and threats.

    2. Net Protector AntiVirus

    Another Pune based anti virus company. They have more focus on malware, spyware and common virus found on the internet. The protection offered by them can be compared with the AVG suite.

    3. Tech Guard Antivirus

    This antivirus company formed by BITS pilani graduate students and now expanded with their "Guard" brand for multiple type of protection. The brand is getting popular lately as one of the good product for internet security. Suitable for internet protection and spywares.

    4. K7 Total Security

    Chennai based product company, focuses on most common virus and internet threats. The product protects from virus, spyware, firewall and email spam. Not good for malware but a good internet security product as per reviews.

    5. eScan Antivirus

    Another company from Maharashtra and is popular among small business and startups. The company makes internet security product. Not much known for malware and rootkit removal but like other brands mentioned here, it does decent job of virus removal.

    Which one to buy? This a bit subjective considering not many Indian antivirus companies are known for tackling different types of security threats. For example, when it comes to malware protection and rootkit removal, you should definitely need to buy dedicated program as above antivirus products can't do that. If you decide to choose on the basis of system performance under antirvius program and virus removal process, you'd find good reviews for two antivirus brands from India - Quickheal and eScan. These two also have updated definition of virus removal and also better internet security policies in it's product. So you can choose among these two product.

  • India being the software hub of the world ( in the real sense of the word), it would have been an astonishing fact to have no antivirus developers from Indian companies. Here is the list of the top Indian antivirus products -

    1. Quick Heal

    They started up in 1993 as a computer service centre. Now Quick Heal has become world's leading antivirus company. Based in Pune, Quick Heal technologies P Ltd. provides a complete antivirus solution. Apart from the safer web protection solutions, it also provides data, privacy and parental control solutions. Quick Heal also has a Protection app for mobile devices.

    2. Tech Guard Antivirus

    The company came into existence in 2009. Tech Guard Technologies has been accredited with ISO 9001:2008. It has partnerships with international antivirus firms. They provide antivirus solutions in a three tiered structure viz Tech Guard Antivirus, Tech Guard Internet Security and Tech Guard Enterprise Security.

    3. eScan

    Founded by Mr. Rammurthy, Escan began its operations in 1993. Part of the MicroWorld group, the firm is based in Mumbai. The firm concentrates on Home and small business users. It is available as a standalone download.

    4. K7 Total Security

    The firm is a brainchild of Jayaraman Kesavardhanan. Chennai based K7 Computing P Ltd, has been in the anti virus business since 1991. Apart from anti virus features, it also has software firewall, e-mail spam filtering and phishing protection on offer. It has tied up with a few computer manufacturers and is available as OEM on many devices.

    5. Net Protector Virus

    Promoted by indiaantivirus, the firm is based in Pune. It has earned a distinction of being a powerful antivirus solution. It supports network protection of all your computers within the network. The firm also has additional services like Content Security Software for corporate mail servers on offer.

    As far as the question of choosing the best among them, it will depend on individual preferences and the needs. As long as the reviews go, QuickHeal is found to be one of the most popular brands in India. K7 Total Security comes close second.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • The above said Antiviruses made in India have all been quite popular so far. I have got a list of a few more which have been recently launched by the leading software companies of India. Check them out if you find them useful:

    1. Easy3s.Smartcop Antivirus Software

    It is an Antivirus & Security Software that works with the Windows and Linux Operating Systems
    The SmartCop antivirus software claims to keep your PC safe and secured through all your online activities like banking, surfing, playing, and shopping. It is powered by multiple scan engines, a good mail trap and several advanced features. SmartCop antivirus comes as a solution for PC security, Enterprise security and Server security. According to its user feedback it has worked quite well in detecting and removing viruses preventing the PC from getting infected and damaged and has saved the system from potential threats as well.

    2. Computer Security

    The Brand Name of this product is AVG Antivirus & Security. It works on Windows Operating Systems. It product is said to protect the PCs and other devices against the the viruses and spywares that affects the system.

    3. Other
    With the most unusual name this antivirus software has a lot of good features and functionality. It has a 3-in-1 scan that includes an Antivirus, a Registry Cleaner and a History Cleaner all clubbed together.

    There is also an Advanced heuristics-based detection feature in it that defends the systems against the latest unknown threats.

    The Automatic real-time protection is assured for all files types like e-mail, archives, and ActiveX controls.

    You get an Up-to-date antivirus protection armed with an automatic removal mechanism against viruses, Trojans, worms, and other malware.

    The History cleaner cleans up all your computer's temporary files, along with cookies and even has an auto complete form history. It cleans up your last download location, the recycle bin, the clipboard and more areas like index.dat files, etc.

    The Registry cleaner cleans up the computer's registry data like unused file extensions, obsolete software, missing shared DLLs, type libraries, ActiveX, class issues, and even more.

    The Utilities include Registry Backup, Duplicate File Finder, System Information and so on. It is indeed an Intelligent program with automatic live update feature that keeps your antivirus database updated all the time.

    4. Protector Plus 2009 Antivirus

    The Protector Plus 2009 Antivirus works for Windows and supports all the Windows versions like XP, 2000, Vista, Me and 98 platforms. This product provides protection against Viruses, Trojans, Worms,Spyware, Adware, Backdoors, Keyloggers, Password stealers, Exploits, Hack tools, Rootkits and other unknown malware. Protector Plus 2009 comes with a host of useful features like Automated Virus Signature Updates , Email Scanning, Heuristic Scanning, Automatic Sample submission, Reporting, De-activation of viruses from memory. It performs tasks likeUser defined scan tasks, Quarantine, Compressed files scanning and lot more with good speed and efficiency.

    Hope these initiatives from India pick up their market fast and prove to be equally promising and useful as their conventional counterparts and make the "Make in India" project successful.

  • Here is a list of some of the Antivirus which are of Indian make.

    Quick Heal

    Quick Heal is one of the popular anti-virus software which is an Indian make. It was developed by a Quick Heal Technologies Pvt Ltd, which is Maharashtra-based firm. They have stepped in this computer technology world in 1993. Quick Heal is one of the best antiviruses and you can use it on both PC & mobile. In mobile, the premium version of Quick heal will have some awesome features like theft lock ( where on pressing the lock button, SMS will be sent to 2 of contacts which you have selected that you are in trouble ).


    If you are worried about cyber threats and personal identity theft then this antivirus is a life saver for you. On installing it will detect all the potential cyber threats and will remove them with one click. This antivirus is a complete package of Antivirus with Antispyware and anti-malware.This software is powerful, lightweight and comes with automatic upgrades.

    Tech Guard

    If you need an antivirus which has developed recently and also which has a contribution from educational institute then here it is. Tech Guard Is developed by Tech Guard Technologies that was conceptualized in 2009 by BITS Pilani and CIM-UK alumni. It completes your task of PC protection and that too with ease there is nothing outstanding feature in this but it does its work.

    E Scan

    In 1993 under the leadership of Govind Rammurthy this Mumbai-based firm has launched its own anti-virus which is E-Scan. This antivirus is used to identify malware, adware and spyware.

    K7 Total Security

    One of the oldest company which is developing Antivirus software. K7 Total Security was developed by K7 Computing Pvt. Ltd headquartered in Chennai.This Antivirus prevents malware programs along with virus removal. With the default features, it also has Email protection, phishing protection and web spam shield.

    Net Protector

    It is developed by one of the India's leading providers of Antivirus which are a Pune based firm which is an expert in malware detection and virus removal. This antivirus can defend your system from virus, worm and spyware attacks. It has some additional features like content security, Scanning Emails and web protection.

    Out of all these, I would recommend you to go with Quick heal because of its advanced features and more efficient rate of security.

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