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    How many emails we can send from Gmail daily

    Are you keen to know about how many emails we can send from Gmail daily? Ask our technical experts to know the limit if any.

    I would like to know how many emails can we send from Gmail daily or per hour? Is there any limit on sending email from Gmail or other similar email providers? If there is no limit on sending email daily then no issue, if there is a limit on sending email per day then kindly let me know how to overcome from it? Kindly assist.
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  • Gmail has certain rules in place as far sending mails is concerned. Let me point them one by one.

    1. If you are using Gmail on website, you can send mails to a maximum of 500 recipients per day. Please note that the limit is on the number of recipients, not messages. That should mean if you send 50 mails to ten people, your quota is over for the day.

    2. If you are using a POP/IMAP client for sending mails, your maximum limit would be 100 recipients.

    3. If you send mails through Google Script, your limit will again be 100 recipients per day.
    4. If you are using SMTP services, your daily limit would be 100 to 150 recipients per day if you are using a remote server.

    How to avoid i?

    1. The best way to avoid your account being suspended on account of more emails being sent from it, is to keep a track of how many mails you have sent.

    2. Send a cc or bcc only if it is absolutely needed.

    3. Avoid replying to all recipients if it not needed.

    4. Double check the email address before hitting the Send button. It can save you from unneeded mails that bounce and force you send the mail again.

    5. Use multiple accounts to send emails. You may create different accounts for the individual sections of your business. That is exactly why most of the organisations have multiple email accounts for each of their functions.

    6. There are email marketing services like flashissue. They have their own servers through which they deliver your emails without having to go through Google's policy standards.

    The Google help forums do not seem to be providing a clear idea on the exact limit and how to avoid crossing it. It would be wiser to stay within limits - or well within - so that there are no issues like your account getting banned happen. Please note that if your account is suspended for crossing sending limits, you will need to wait for 24 hours till the suspension is lifted.

    All other email service providers like Yahoo or Hotmail have the similar guidelines in place. If you are using one of them, you can consider visiting their support channels to get a clear view on the limitations.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Here are answer to your queries to questions :-

    1. Currently the number of mails allowed by Gmail through remote client are limited to 150-200 mails per day. And if you choose to send the mail through SMTP client then you can send upto 500 per day (provided you're using web interface).

    2. Gmail after 1st July 2016 has changed it's mail sending DMARC policies. Due to this policy Gmail can't be used for the mass mailing scripts and other non-domain sending activity. Such messages will be filtered. And if used after specific number the account is likely to be banned. If you're a developer you'd get information on changed specific number per country in this policy. You can read about this here :

    3. Same policy is in effect shortly by Yahoo, Outlook (Microsoft's all mail companies included), GMX and AOL. So you can find limit to sending mails pretty much same across these mailing services.

    4. Some options for you to avoid this.

    a. You can use multiple mail services to circumvent this legally and safely. However that would be too much work and mails may often get filtered as spam if same content is being used.

    b. Use email marketing services such as - aweber, mailchimp, sendgrid and others. This way you can easily send a large number of mails without getting filtered or without having to worry about legal issues.

    c. Use transaction mail service. Services such as mandrake, mailgun can be used to send large number of emails cheaply and that too legally without any issues. Provided your content is not spam.

    d. Send mails from gmail to only under 100 contacts per day.

    e. Modify the content and send the updated content to another batch.

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