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    How to make the blogger that is incomplete?

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    I did create a blog after browsing the internet for a year recently. I think in 2012 and I left it unused.? Is it possible to use the same blog where I have used pictures from the google search engine and its been years? I am new to this, please suggest what to do ?
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  • It is completely possible to get your old blogger blog running. All you need to do is make sure you have Gmail account that is used by to login. So if you have that account active then you can have the blog running back. I have account since 2006 and it is still active with my blog. So this is definitely possible. All you have to do is recover that old Gmail account or if you have credentials available then login to

    Once you login to the account, any change you do are immediately live. So old blogger can be updated easily. If you have kept the blog in private mode or draft mode then the dashboard does allow you to get the blog out of that too.

    In case if your account is kept dormant, then you have to reactivate by following the process and then enable the blog. In that case the instructions for the same will vary depending on the context under which you want to restart the google account.

    If you lose the account by some means and the name is reserved and not yet released from the blogger. Then you have to either wait for that name to be released or you have to start with new blog and the name.

  • Yes, you can easily activate your old blog just by logging in to your blogger account. Blogger blogs are left undisturbed by Google under any circumstance until administrator performs any task. So, your blog should be fine till now.

    You own a 4 year old blog which will benefit you in terms of SEO and help you rank in Search Engines. You can follow tips below to further optimize your blog.

    1. 4 years is a long time, technology has advanced. Change you Blogger theme to a Responsive and SEO designs.

    2. Update it with new contents and contact your old loyal reader via Email.

    3. Setup proper About and Contact Us page. So that you can be notified in case of any issues regarding your blog.

    Note :- If you are looking to opt for Google Adsense as your primary source of income then I will prefer you not to post any copyrighted content on your blog. You will get further instruction on Adsense Website while signing up.

    Best of luck for your online venture.

    I am currently pursuing High School and planning to pursue career in Computer. Currently, I work on one of my blog - JTech Articles.

  • Blogger normally does not delete the blogs that have been created on it. You can get back to all your blogs back just by logging in to your Google account.

    1. Logon to Blogger.

    2. Login with your Google account.

    3. You should be presented with all your blogs along with all the posts.

    4. Since the blog was four years older, there could have been a few posts that may appear outdated. Make the necessary changes.

    5. It would be advisable to change the theme and template to something that suits the current trends.

    Please note that if the name has been taken by someone else, you may not be able to get your blog back. You may either need to make a few little changes or wait till the blog name is released.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • If its was in 2012 then there will be less chance that the blog will survive all the Google updates and sustain in that. If it's a blog spot blog then it will be of no use better to start with a new custom domain. As you have also stated pictures are used from search engines, so that may lead you to the wrath of DMCA in future even if the blog is found.

    Steps to find out the blog.

    1- Go to Gmail account. ( If you remember which Gmail account, you have used at that time )

    2- Log into the account and click the 9 dots on top right

    3- In drop down menu select blogger

    4- You will be redirected to Blogspot blogs, check if your blog is available there. If not then its probably deleted by google.

    My suggestion is to go with new custom domain and update it regularly. Make sure to select the niche in which you are interested and can write plenty of content with ease.

  • I had the same experience a few years back and luckily the blog survived when I checked around 1 and a half years later.
    To retrieve that blog, all you need to do is:

    Log in to your Google account with which you have created that blog. In my case it was a different account from the present one.

    Then in a separate tab, type Make sure you have signed out of the current google account, if the concerned one was created with a different account.

    If your blog is there, then you would get to see the dashboard instantly. Once you access it, you can make whatever changes you want to make. Preferably add as much more content you can, polish the exiting ones, post them on social media pages and you are back on track.

    All the best.

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