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    Are there companies who share their Server ?

    Are you keen to know if there are companies who share their Server ? Ask our technical experts for the authentic answer.

    When I was searching over the internet,"how to earn from home", there were few things that came up. Like sharing the computer for running or using as server for other companies, research purposes, other developments, and these are mostly in USA. They pay for it.
    Are there companies in India like this? Has anybody shared their computer as server for other companies. Has anybody done these and got paid ?
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  • I have tested some of these companies but due to too much energy being wasted compared to compensation I dropped the idea of using them. These companies pay to Indian users from Paypal or bank deposit. So from currency conversion from Paypal you get paid in the bank in INR.

    Here are some of the companies then you can try for sharing the CPU resources.

    1. Slicify : This concept of renting your computer for some money is different for this site. Here you don't sell CPU power as is but more of desktop resources. Earning from this is a bit low. You may get paid few cents to a dollar at the most.

    2. IPU Services: This distributed computing program basically runs some computations on your computer. So it helps to earn few cents here and there. However with graphic card GPU being used if available, It may draw more power. So the reward may not justify the spent idle time.

    3. GomezPeer : This works just like Slicify. However the power consumption is a bit high. Also the shared computer resource may be used for any random reason and often not disclosed. So it's better to be clear about how the idle resources are being used.

    Apart from selling the IDLE CPU and GPU power, you can also use the idle time to mine bitcoins or any other crypto currency. Just make sure that you're under legitimate bitcoin mining company. This way you won't have to worry about stealing of server resources.

    Here are some options that I have personally tried and are worth checking out.

    1. : This bitcoin mining pool is one of the popular mining group. Keeping your CPU resource with them may help mine faster. And this can later help in sharing the earning or resources. And the bitcoin earned are distributed. : Another pool which is worth joining for renting the CPU power. You can definitely benefit from their growing miners. And may earn few coins here and there.

    Note: Bitcoin mining can be profitable if you choose to use the miner on the computers which can are idle most of the time. And though they may not be reliable like slicify and IPU but bitcoin does have value in the market. So you can either use the IDLE cpu for renting or you can use it for sharing with the mining pool.

  • There are few companies in India which hires your system as their server but they doesn't pay reasonable amount to their users which causes them loss.

    You will be paid on the basis of your computer resources from which your CPU and GPU matters the most. Your system will be primarily used for 2 tasks.

    1. Online Currency Mining
    2. Leeching

    Online Currency Mining :- You must have heard about Bitcoins, Litecoins, Dodgecoins, etc. Yes, they can be mined (earned) right through your computer resources without performing even a single task. You will have to just login to your system and start the process. Companies renting system gives very less in return whereas they earn about 10x-20x.

    Leeching :- Many legal torrent uploaders signs up for premium membership with these companies to leech their torrent, so that they can be available for download everytime. In this case, they will pay you on the basis of your Internet Connection. You can earn a good amount of money from these type of companies.

    I will prefer you to find local clients in Indian groups rather than registering with the companies. I know it will be time taking but the results will be worthy.

    I am currently pursuing High School and planning to pursue career in Computer. Currently, I work on one of my blog - JTech Articles.

  • Bitcoin mining could be one of the way to make money by sharing your server. Bitcoin, for the uninitiated is a peer to peer virtual currency that is quite secure. You can use your spare CPU resources to a Bitcoin desktop client.

    You can get 50 Bitcoins if your computer solves the given problem. A single bitcoin is equivalent to around 8 $US and thus can be a good source of income. But, it is quite time consuming. It could take anywhere between a year to a year and half to earn 50 bitcoin for an average computer.

    There is another way to lease out your spare CPU time to Distributed Computing projects. The distributed Computing works by harnessing the unused processing power from across the world. CPUsage is one of the companies involved in paying you for using your CPU idle time. Four hours of your idle time sharing in a day can earn $10 a month as per the company.

    GomezPeer is another company involved in harnessing the idle CPU time. The payment is done through PayPal alone. It has been a=observed that it takes a lot time - in some cases, months together - to get your account activated. That means they can go on utilising your CPU time without activating your account. The maximum pay is around $40 to $45 per month.

    There are several issues involved here. The code from the hirer will run on your computer. It could be a security hazard. It could also be a reason for privacy concerns.

    Live....and Let Live!

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