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    How do I check list for my total registrations at various websites?

    Do you want to check out the list for the total number of various websites where you have registered yourself? Ask our technical experts for the best solution.

    Currently whoever are using facility of internet, has registered more than one site for different purpose. I too have registered at various websites. I do not know at how many website I have registered. I want to know, if possible, can I know the list of those website at which I have registered ?
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  • If you have not enabled any form of tracking app or password registration app, then it is impossible for you to figure that out. In order for you to know where you have created accounts, just make sure you register and save your login data. This way even browser can show you list of websites whose passwords you have stored.

    There are programs that can keep tab on your registrations. Programs such as RoboForm and Lastpass can help you keep track of registration. The concept behind those program is that they save the passwords and the username of websites and autologin. This way you can keep track of the websites where you have have created account.

    Here are some of the other apps that can keep track of websites you have registered if you choose to save login information.

    1. Keepass
    2. 1password
    3. Keeper
    4. LogmeIn

    There are programs that work as an extension or desktop program. Depending on how you want the registrations to be attached, You can either choose browser extension or desktop program.

  • Well, there is no foolproof way to list out all the sites you have been registered to. There are numerous sites and forums available all over the internet. Some of them are popular, while most of them are not.

    If you have been using Chrome. or any such specific browser for connecting to your sites - there could be a possibility of being able to find out the sites you have registered yourself on. I am making that statement based on the assumption that you have been saving the passwords on chrome when prompted. On chrome, you may follow these steps.

    1. Launch Chrome on your PC, or Laptop.

    2.Click the options ( the three horizontal lines at extreme right).

    3. Locate Settings and click on it.

    4. Click on Show Advanced Settings at the bottom to bring up additional settings.

    5. Locate Passwords and Forms. Click on the Manage passwords link.

    6. It will launch the page wherein a lot of information with username, site name and password in asterisks.

    That should give you an idea of the sites you have signed in to. is another site that can be used to find the sites you have signed on. You just need to provide the usernames you regularly use on the sites and the KnowEm lists the websites indicating whether you the username has been registered on a particular website.

    There are many apps or sites that work the same way. It is dependent on whether you have saved the login information. A few examples are Keeper, Dashlane3, LastPass, Sticky Password Premium, KeePass etc. But, since you are searching for an option to find the sites you have joined back in time, maybe these options would not be applicable for you.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • If you have only one primary email id or you know the passwords for the email ids you used to sign up for all those websites, you will have registration or welcome messages from all those websites.

    So in your mail box, search for the keywords registration or sign up or welcome to or any word that makes sense to use. If you haven't deleted all the mails, you can know what are the websites you have accounts with.

    This is not a great way if you have registered on 100s of websites. But it can be useful to you.

  • There is no proven way to get all the websites you have signed up for, but you can follow methods below to cross check whether you have signed up for a particular website or not.

    Forgot Password
    This is the best and most used method as well. Just head out to that particular website and you will be able to find Forgot Password button near Login Tab. Click on it and enter your Email ID. If it accepts, then you already have account on that website.

    Now you have to just head out to your mail box and click on mail received from that companies website which will contain your password reset instructions.

    If you don't want to reset your password and just need to know whether you have registered for that particular website or not. Then you can just head out to your mail box and search from the bar present at the top. It is present in most of the E-Mail websites. You can just put up the websites name and it will show you all the email with that particular keyword in them.

    Helpful Tip :- You should never use same password on all the websites and not even your mail's password for other website because in the case of hacking your information will be leaked. Millions of people are suffering from this issue all over the world and their private information are leaked online.

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