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  • Is Informatica free to download?

    Are you looking for information if Informatica is free to download? Ask our technical experts to know the details.

    Is Informatica free to download? If so, how to do it? And I am interested to learn it and look for a job outside? Can I do it on my own? I am planning to go for a course outside, it costs minimum 8 thousand rupees? Can I avoid it? What will be the requirements to study it on my own?
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  • Informatica has multiple versions available for download. The licenses cost for the application however depends on the following criteria :-

    1. Number of CPU cores
    2. Repositories
    3. Cloud integration
    4. Modules
    5. Number of users

    Informatica Powercenter Express edition (previously known as Personal) is free to download. It has it's set of limitation. But before moving on to professional and cloud versions, this edition can give you idea of software. This edition often has name changes so make sure you check for the free edition on their website. Earlier it was power center express edition. Prices mentioned on the website are in USD and not INR. So you have to inquire for the local pricing for indian customers.

    Paid versions of the Informatica are very expensive. They have such high price that not even training institutes can afford those license. For example Professional powercenter version costs 8000$ per user per month. Basic version costs 1000$ per user month. Advanced and premium too costs high. So usually informatica charges using vendor option. And so volume license costs low for the big enterprises.

    When I took the industrial training on the professional edition (version 6) the price for the course was 20K which was sponsored by company. These days the educational licenses on some versions is low. So the tuition costs reduces as well. If the training institute promises to teach you professional edition with cloud integration then go ahead and take the course. Otherwise with free edition you can learn the same things from online tutorials from youtube and Udemy. You can learn it on your own if you are using e-learning mode from course sites such as coursera, udemy, pluralsight.

    Informatica training is definitely in demand and it can give you some offshore job opportunities. You just have to land yourself the first job where they need the software engineer who works on ETL.

    At the end call is yours to make on purchase of software and training. Make sure that the institute has good faculty to teach you this software. Because often many institutes teach you free version and some powerpoint slides. Often joining such institutes is waste of money. So make sure you choose carefully and learn Informatica.

  • Yes few of Informatica versions are Free to download:
    Here is a list of them:

    1. Informatica Cloud MobileYou can use this app through your iPador iPhone. Informatica Cloud Mobile is compatible with all Informatica Cloud editions like Informatica Cloud Basic, Standard, Enterprise, Express .The utility of this app is to Check the latest status of the data integration tasks and also the taskflows of Monitor Informatica Cloud activity. It also performs Troubleshoot data integration tasks along with Restart data integration tasks and taskflows.

    It is FREE to download

    2. Informatica World 2014 for Informatica for iPhone
    With this IW14 mobile appyou can avail a real time interactive solution who attended the occasion of Informatica World 2014, held in May 12th and 15th, in 2014, in Las Vegas, NV. Through this app the users can look for the conference sessions, get more information on the speakers and the sponsors, as well as get a virtual experience of their expo hall floor plan. The Attendees are also free to visit the site and make changes to their personal schedule as well as completing their session evaluations. They can even earn points by attending sessions, get a hands-on experience of the labs and visit the sponsor booths.

    It is FREE to download

    3. Informatica Graphed
    The version 5, of Informatica Graphed, is a mathematical graphing software where you can drag the graphs directly to WordPad, Word, PowerPoint, etc. The GraphEd software is used to differentiate and integrate analytically. Functions like zoom and trace is to measure the arbitrary depth. You can also create horizontal/vertical lines, Tangents, fill and shade the bounded areas. The system is well coordinated and is highly user defined. The GraphEd has got a very flexible way of creating formulas and annotations with an accurate mathematical notation.

    There is a Free to Try option to download.

    Hope this works

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