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  • Windows 10 problems and solution tips

    Are you facing Windows 10 problems and looking for the best solution tips? Ask our technical experts to guide you through

    Some of them are facing common Windows 10 OS problems and don't know how to solve it. There are some problems like reserving a spot, system requirement to install it, trouble activating, force updates and junkware issue and crash, WiFi password sharing default to list, printer encrypt issue, Microsoft Edge issue, and even Chrome issue etc.

    Thus, I would like to get assistance from the expert to share the knowledge and solution tips for Windows 10 troubles.
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  • It would be a better option to pin point the solutions if you can provide the problems being faced by you. The issues one would experience in Windows 10 ( or any other OS for that matter) would depend upon many factors like the individual system, the apps that have been installed and so on. However, a few common problems being reported are as under -

    1. Unable to upgrade from Windows 7 or 8

    There are times when your Get Windows 10 app will notify that your PC is not compatible for the upgrade while you know for sure that it is. You may not get the app at all.
    In such cases, run Windows Update to make sure your OS is completely up to date. Unhide the updates that you have hidden and install them. Ensure that Disable Execution Prevention is enabled in the BIOS.

    2. Less free storage after upgrade

    Maybe the previous version is still within your system. It will stay inside with the name Windows.old and take up a lot of space. It has been done so to help you just in case you want to revert to your old OS.
    Use Disk Cleanup utility to remove it if you do not have plans to roll back. Find the Previous Windows Installations option and select it to delete. If you cannot find it, choose Cleanup System Files to make it visible.

    3. Updates do not work

    Many Windows 10 users have reported that their Windows Updates are not working after upgrade. Download and run Windows Update Troubleshooter. It should help you get your Windows update working properly. If still in trouble, open Command Prompt as administrator and type in net stop wuauserv. It should stop your update service. Now type in and enter net stop bits. Once done, locate C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution and delete the SoftwareDistribution folder. It should make your Windows update run normally.

    4. System Restore

    Windows 10 does not come with System Restore enabled by default. I could be an issue if you run into problems and need to restore your system.

    Type in Create a restore point in the Start menu. Select it from the results shown, highlight the system drive and click on Configure. Now choose Turn On System Protection. Move the slider for an appropriate disk space. Click on OK.

    5. Inadequate localisation

    This is another issue most users have reported. Windows 10 may report that the PC has bad localisation. It may also report that Cortana is not available even when it is available for your region.

    Open Start Menu and search for Region. Now select Region & language settings. Make necessary corrections.

    6. Slow Boot time

    Windows uses a unique method to enable fast boot times. It closes down the apps and settings when PC is shut down, but Kernel is hibernated to help you get faster boot. But, this at times produces the opposite results.

    Search for Power Options under Start menu and Turn on fast start Up. This helps in many cases.

    7. Edge Browser cannot save a page in HTML

    Strangely enough, the new Edge Browser cannot save your web pages as HTML. You can make it work by using Internet Explorer 11. Luckily enough, the IE 11 is still provided as part of the standard package.

    Look for the Menu button at the right and choose open with Internet Explorer option. This will open the web page in IE. Pressing the key combination of Ctrl+S will open the Save As dialog box from where you can choose the desired format.

    8. Driver issues

    Once your installation is complete, another major issue that normally creeps up is the driver incompatibility or malfunction. It may or may not be visible soon after the upgrade. There are many ways to handle this issue. One of the best methods to do this would be to run Windows Update. doing it via Device Manager wpould also help you get the problems solved.

    9. Quicker battery drain

    There are many features that Windows 10 offers that may make the battery drain. Check out the services like Cortana or other such points. Even the Windows Updates would cause heavy draining of battery. Control the way they operate.

    10. WiFi Connections not discovered

    This could have the reasons in the VPN software you have installed in your system. The software may not compatible with your Windows 10. Visit the website of your VPN service and update the software to the version that is compatible with Windows 10.

    11. MS Office files are not opening

    You may get error messages stating that the the files are corrupted when you attempt to open the MS Office files. It may be due to the Protected View feature. Try to repair the installation of your Microsoft Office installation. You can do it by going into Programs and features and locating your office installation. Right click on it and click on Repair.

    12. Flickering screen

    Flickering or flashing screen could be a result of some incompatible application or driver. There are some apps that are known to cause the issue. Norton Antivirus, IDT Audio and iCloud are some of such applications. Or alternatively, you may consider reinstalling the display driver or rolling back to the old driver.

    There are many more possible problems you may face with your copy of Windows 10. Most of the issues are caused by driver incompatibilty. Reinstalling or updating the drivers can solve the issues.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Depending on the version of Windows 10 you have downloaded and installed, then you may also have different set of issues. Let me point you to the solution to the most common set of problems you have raised. So here's the list of issues that you have raised in the question.

    1. Spot reservation : After 7 th July Windows 10 won't be available for free upgrade. So there is no issue of sport reservation. Also any upgrade you do from here onwards, unless it is covered in OEM or volume license version of your contract, may not be up-gradable. This can be a good news for some considering you can now do the clean install instead of upgrade. Spot reservation

    2. System requirement: If your system has Windows 7 then your system is capable of handling Windows 10. There is not going to be any issues other than drivers and other program conflicts or internal upgrade issues. There are plenty of compatibility check options available online that checks your computer if it is upgradable to Windows 10. You can read about the system requirements here :

    If you meet these specifications then your Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 system can be upgradable.

    3. Activation Issues: You may face activation issues if you are running pirated copy. Or you may also face the issue with the activation when your version of the Windows 7 or 8.1 has missed the licensing file. In case of OEM and Volume license this may create issues as they are pre-reactivated copies. If your case is in that scenario then you may have to either call the licensing support center. You can also use existing license of volume or OEM copy to upgrade.

    4. Forced Updates : You can stop the updates from the background by going into settings > updates. This way you can stop some of the updates. However the critical updates do run in the background which can only be stopped with the registry settings. If you are not getting any updates at all due to connection issues, in that case you can find the offline updates.

    5. Junkware Issue and trash: When you are upgrading from the previous version of update then you may find that there is lot of junkware added that remains for next 30 days. Once the rollover to previous OS is disabled you can get rid of lot of junkware. In case of defragmentation, it can also help after the upgrade. And with defragmentation, you may find speed much better in the Windows 10.

    6. Wifi Password Sharing issue: This problem has yet to have official solution in the Microsoft KB. So until the service pack resolves this you'd have to find the network drivers update to solve it.

    7. printer encrypt issue: Like Wifi sharing, printer encryption too has yet to have official KB patch available for itself. You may find update on this eventually.

    8. Microsoft Edge Issues You didn't specified the issues you had with Edge. So if you be specific then you may find the solutions online. If you have rendering issues, you can change the engine as Edge allows you to render using Webkit or Gecko too. If you have file saving issues then reinstalling the browser also helps.

    Most of the problem that you encounter with Windows 10 are related to the drivers. Be it sound, display, network, you'd find these set of problems affecting your upgrade. In such case clean install of the OS and the drivers helps a lot.

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