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    Kingston Hyperx CloudX Gaming Headset

    Are you looking where to buy Kingston CloudX Gaming Headset online? Ask our technical experts and know more about the details.

    I came across one of the beautiful headset which is mainly using for PS4 or Xbox games and it was interesting to see and use to listen audios but forget to get its detail. It is nothing but latest Kingston' Hyperx CloudX Gaming Headset which let me feel awesome for its overall performance. However, I would like to know the Hyperx CloudX Gaming Headset specification and price detail etc. Where can we buy online Kingston CloudX Gaming Headset? Assist on this.
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  • Here are the major features of Kingston CloudX Gaming Headset -

    1. Officially Licensed for XBox

    The headset is tested and approved by Microsoft. It has Windows features and compatibility. It also comes with a 2 metre extension cabling.

    2. Inline audio control

    You do not need to go into control panel to change or mute audioo. The cable does have the controls for the same.

    3. Foam

    The headset has a 100 percent foam ear cushions. It thus offers a comfortable feeling of hour long hearing.

    4. Detachable microphone

    The headset features detachable microphone. The design is flexible and provides custom mic positioning.

    5. Interchangeable ear plugs

    The ear cups can be interchanged. You get two sets of additional cups. You may use the ones that suit you the best.

    6. Best audio performance

    The HyperX Cloud performance ensures crystal clear audio. The headset is HiFi capable.

    The headset has durable Aluminium frame. It provides you an immersive experience as far as gaming is concerned.

    You may buy the headset on Amazon India. It is available at Rs. 5799. The headset can be delivered within a day to select locations.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Here are some of the features of HyperX CloudX gaming headset.

    Connectivity The headset with all three variations support Ear Cup Memory Foam. Only CloudX 2 headset supports Headband Memory Foam. Headset has the Dual 3.5 mm that supports both audio and MIC. In case of other two models support 4 Pole to USB connectivity. This feature set is handy for those who wish to use it on their Xbox or PS4.

    Compatibility It is compatible with most of the tablet, PC and laptop connectivity points. Also for power charging it can be even done with the airplane adapters too.

    ControlsThe headset has the audio leveling controls built into the connectivity cable. You can easily use that to increase or decrease the MIC level along with the audio input level to headset.

    MIC Though the MIC can't be compared with the Blue Yeti's MIC. But still for someone playing games on Xbox and communicating with teams, it's enough for those needs. It has noise cancellation from hardware end that cleans gaming audio and amplifies voice frequencies. If you do twitch demo and YouTube walktrhoughs for your games, then definitely this MIC is a good deal.

    Console Support Microsoft has officially supported this headset series. So all the jack connectivity specification are in support for the Xbox console.

    Accessories The headset comes in with the basic connectivity jacks. So you may be able to connect with console and PC. However if you want to have airplane adapter connectivity, in such case you have to purchase that separately. There is also optional mesh bag for the headset which you can get in bundle or without it. Kingston's early bundle offer also included mousepad with it.

    Variants There are three variants to the headset. Namely - Cloud X, Cloud X 2 and Cloud X revolver.

    Price You may find that there is a big gap in between the retail pricing and the online pricing. Retail pricing for the headset is at 9999 Rs. However Amazon and Ebay pricing is relatively lower. You can get this headset at 5749 Rs from Amazon sellers. In case of Ebay the price is between 5999 - 6999 Rs.

    You can find the headset on amazon from official kingston store here:

  • HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset - Black (KHX-H3CL/WR):

    This gaming headphone is Hi-Fi capable and comes with a 53mm driver. It is a 3.5mm wired single pin headphone. This model of headset is popular for its high end audio quality. You get around 15 - 25.000 Hz frequency response from this gaming headphone set. It runs on the platform of PS4. For the Speakers the Maximum Output Power is 150 Watts.

    The headphone has a Detachable Microphone which is very quick in response and easy to plug and play, as well as unplugging it after use.

    The Design
    The built is of Solid aluminum material used to provide it more durability and sturdiness. The headphone weighs around 272 g.

    The headphones have Closed earcups that give maximum effects of enhanced bass reproduction and is also good for passive noise cancellation.

    You get this headset at the below price in

    Rs. 5,749

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