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    Which is the best value for money laser printer?

    Are you looking for the best value for money black & white laser printer? Check out the Samsung ML-2161 Laser Printer.

    I'm looking for a monochrome laser printer to print the school projects and basic home documents. Can anybody suggest me which is the most value for money, black & white laser printer?

    A color printer would have been ideal since I have to print color copies for children often. However, color laser printers seem to be very expensive. Color inkjet printers are cheaper but I am concerned about having to refill the ink very often and misuse by children. So I decided to stick with a laser monochrome printer.

    Please suggest me a good, cheap laser printer with good print quality. What do you think about Samsung ML-2161 laser printer?
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  • I too have been looking for a laser printer for the school printing needs. The one I have shortlisted after a lot of research is Samsung ML-2161. It is a basic black & white laser printer with minimal functions but it does what it says. I went through hundreds of user reviews and the general feedback is very good.

  • Here are some of the Monochrome Laser Printer options worth taking a look at.

    Samsung Laser-2166 Monochrome WiFi Laser: This printer has specification similar to ML 2161. However it supports Wifi. You can also use Samsung Mobile print app for the prints. Password protect printing is also possible with this model. It is priced at 5585 Rs.

    Canon LBP 2900B Monochrome Laser Printer: A good monochrome printer for school and office needs. Refills are cheap. The cartridges are same as HP 1120. Easy to maintain. The printer is priced at 7,423 Rs.

    You can find few more monochrome laser printers at this URL:

  • Here are a couple of good options which may be of help for you -

    1. Brother Hl-1201 Printer

    It has been a good name to reckon with recently. You can buy it for Rs. 4999 on SnapDeal. It does support poster printing, Booklet printing and Watermark printing.

    2. Ricoh Black & White Network Monochrome Laser Printer

    A litttle on the expensive side, you can buy it on SnapDeal for Rs. 6990. You will get ethernet and USB connectivity options on this printer.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • There are a number of laser printers available at the online stores but I have jotted these few as per their user rating, popularity and best seller records.
    There are single functional printers as well as multi functional. But to get the most out of a laser printer, a customer support is necessary. So it is recommended that you choose one which has a good customer support.

    1. Samsung SL M2071 Multifunction Laser Printer
    This printer from Samsung has a 2 Line LCD (16 x 2 Characters) Display with Multifunctionality of Scanning, Copying and Printing. The printer runs on a 600 MHz Processor with a Memory Storage of 128 MB. It gives Colour Printing Output. It has USB onnectivity support and Duplex Printing optionand can deliver up to 99 copies. Scan Features include Flatbed Optical scanning with a resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi.
    Price: Rs.Rs. 8,295

    2. Ricoh SP 111 Laser Printer
    This is a Single function Laser Printer with only Printing functionality. It has got USB support and can store Memory upto16 MB. The Printing Output is Monochromatic.
    Price: Rs. 3,399

    3. Samsung ML 2166W Single function Laser Printer
    This laser printer from Samsung is Single functionality. It has got USB support with a Memory Storage of 32 MB running on a Processor of 300 MHz. It has got Wi-fi connectivity and 2 LED Displays.
    Price: Rs. 5,428

    4. HP Laserjet 1020 Plus Laser Printer
    This is a Single functionality printer with only Printing Function. It has USB support with a Memory Storage of 512 MB. The printer runs on a 1 GHz Processor and is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional Windows XP Home, - 90 MHz Pentium and Windows Vista. The Speed of the printer is 14 ppm with Monochromatic Output.:
    Price: Rs. 7,900

    5. HP Laserjet M1136 Multifunction Printer
    This Multifunctional Printer from HP performs Printing, Scanning & Copying. The printer has USB support with Memory Storage of 8 MB. The Printer runs on a Processor of 1 GHz. The Scan area size is 216 x 297 mm with an option for Optical scanning at a resolution of1200 x 1200 dpi.
    Price: Rs. 9,998

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