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    When is WordPress 3.6 release and what are its features?

    Are you using WordPress? Waiting for its next version WordPress 3.6? Know the new features and release date of WordPress 3.6 from here.

    I heard that WordPress is going to be released its next version called the WordPress 3.6. So, I want to know the features of it and what make it better than the older version? Also this popular content management system is set for release in the April, 2013. Is it true ?
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  • Insight: The main focus of WordPress 3.6 is exactly “Editing of the content " and also paying more attention towards editorial works and also revisions, auto saving the works, editing of new posts and also post formats.

    Autosave: The main motto of 3.6 is that it's users should never lose out their posts because of the expired cookies, or due loss of their connection, inadvertent navigation, plugin or the core errors on save, and browser crashes, also OS crashes, cats walking on keyboards, children drooling in keyboards. This may include auto saving to the browser's local storage area , and also log-in completion warnings. They are also trying to include post locking functionality to prevent people from overwriting the changes made by others.

    Editorial Flow: The features to be added to 3.6 are custom post status, in which it has the ability to add custom status like pitch, assigned, in progress, and also draft revisions, which the editor is allow to edit the already published posts to be saved as drafts before they take place in original post. They are currently trying to use cases for both the features to more appropriately understand how they will be made use of.

    Revisions: The revisions tool will get a little TLC — bug fixes, better user interface, and adding visual representation of what was added/removed in each revision.

    Post Formats: The biggest update to Post Formats for the latest version 3.6 is the admin user based interface. They are currently in need of wire frame ideas for the user based interface for each post format for chat, quote, link, image, video.

    Custom Menus: The main objective for WordPress 3.6 will be that it has improved the user based interface for the new custom menus, which users are found to be confusing a lot.

  • Many people like you all over the world must have been anxiously waiting for the release of WordPress 3.6. However, they have to spend some more anxious moments for the wait since the release of WordPress 3.6 has been postponed to April 29, 2013. This is because the inclusion of the new features intended to be included in the new version of WordPress has not been completed yet. As such, the beta release of the WordPress 3.6 is likely to be released now on March 27 and the release of the final version will be on April 29. The time which will now be available to the development team of WordPress 3.6 will make the team to focus its attention on the finalization of the work in progress and bug fixing.

    We should remember that WordPress 3.5 was released only in the second week of December 2012 and the next major release is now expected by the end of April. Now, let us discuss what features the WordPress 3.6 is going to have:

    Better editorial controls
    The new version of WordPress is going to bring a great update particularly meant fo bloggers and current publishers. Mostly it will be related to the post editorial functions. It provide the developers better tools and support so that they can improve upon their editorial process of creating the content with the help of WordPress.

    Post Lock feature
    Post Lock feature is an editorial control feature of the WordPress 3.6. By using this feature, the website administrators and authors will be able to lock a post enabling other users to work on the same post until it is unlocked. The other user with rights to edit a post will be prompted to either go back or start editing. This is a very useful feature for sites and blogs which have a number of authors and editors.

    Improved AutoSave feature WordPress 3.6
    Some improvements will also be made in the AutoSave feature of the WordPress 3.6 to help the editors or authors who can concentrate on the editing of content without worrying about the saving of their work while editing which will be done by the improved AutoSave feature. There is a talk that unsaved changes will be saved in the browser's local storage. The authors or editors will not lose their work due to the expired cookies or disconnection from the internet. The work will be automatically saved and will not be lost because inadvertent navigation, plug-in or core errors on save, browser crashes, OS crashes, cats walking on keyboard etc. If anything goes wrong, the authors / editors will be able to resume their work from exactly where they had left before the error took place.

    Better Handling of Post Revisions
    The changes if any between the different versions of WordPress will now be reflected by better handling of the post revisions feature. These changes will be highlighted with different colours and visual elements. The difference between the changes that are made will be quickly noticeable.

    Besides the above features, there will integration of editorial work flow by integrating one of the best editorial workflow plugins introduced in WordPress 3.6. There will be new and improved UI for Post Formats and custom formats in the new release of WordPress 3.6. The feature will enable the users to choose and switch between several post formats. There will be change in the edit area as the post format changes. There will be a new default WordPress theme known as the Twenty Thirteen. This feature will have a great support for post formats. Lots of bold colours will be used in this new theme of WordPress 3.6. In addition to features discussed here, there will be a new GUI for WordPress Menus and improved Login Notifications.

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