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    Basic tips on affiliate marketing programs

    Want to make money by using affiliate programs of reputed brands and eCommerce companies? Read this thread to know some basic tips on affiliate marketing programs.

    I have my account in a few affiliate programs and trying to make most out of it. But till now everything seems to be quite confusing about it.
    I have a few accounts in sites like Hubpages and alike ones where they allow or rather pay on the basis of these advertisement programs, but whenever I tried to write something promotional on those sites, they are not approving my articles saying, it is a promotional article.
    In that case how should things go? Please guide me through the proper ways of affiliate programs and let me know, how to make the most of it.
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  • Hubpages has rules for the promotional content and using affiliate links. These days they don't allow the writers to use their own affiliate links or even outside links. So most of such content gets moderated. The reason being Hubpages is classified as content farm. And this makes it harder for them to avoid Google's algorithm update. So they don't allow their website to have too much promotional content.

    I spent over 4 years on Hubpages writing non-promotional content. Most of the earnings earned from Hubpages was from Adsense and their own YieldBuild's hubpages program. Both these programs earning is very high and you can earn around 50-200$ per month from it. Depending on your writing skills you can earn accordingly.

    Bottom line: Do not write affiliate program focused on Hubpages, you may not make much from it anymore.

    If you wish to write on Hubpages and make money here are some of your options:

    1. Join their Hubpages sister sites for writing on niche specific content. You can read about those sites here:

    2. Write non-promotional ifnormative how-to content. You need 10 hubs active before they allow you to use Adsense. If you can get adsense prior to that then that is also a good option.

    3. Write US and Canada specific content on Hubpages. This works because they get the most of the traffic from those countries. Your articles (hubs) will perform much better.

    If you choose to work on your own blog or website for the affiliate marketing then that is much better choice. I suggest you to either use Amazon or Viglink on your blog. Do not think of any other external platform like hubpages etc for making affiliate income. It's not going to sustain for long term. Build your own blogs or review sites for affiliate earning.

    Use some of these tips while building your affiliate website or blog.

    1. Use one promotional link per article. At the end it would be much better as it helps your article not sound too spammy.
    2. Avoid sales pitch type of tone in your article. People don't like such article and conversion gets low.
    3. Use viglink where you're not sure about monetization from certain type of product or review.
    4. Use facebook groups and pages to bring traffic to such reviews and blogs where you have affiliate links.
    5. Don't rely on amazon and flipkart. Try other affiliate programs from shareasale, commission junction and clickbank.

    These are some of the tips if you choose to venture into affiliate marketing online.

  • The most painful part of Affiliate programs is their terms & conditions. If you want to promote a product or service rather than doing that directly take help from other marketplaces like Shareasale, commision junction, impact radius. They have multiply categories and will help you earn money. As most of the sites are not allowing placing affiliate links ( same happened with hub pages ), so just switch to other websites or make a own blog of your and write reviews depending on the product you promote.

    You can also use Flipkart & amazon for consistent income but make sure to target low competitive products in this category. Go through Impact radius, am pretty much satisfied with them and support is good.

  • Well, there are a few tips that may help achieve good earning from affiliate marketing.

    1. Niche

    You will need to concentrate on a particular product. Do not attempt to sell everything the the affiliate partner is has in store. Select a particular product line up and concentrate on a particular target audience.

    2. SEO Marketing

    Make every attempt to make your site visible to site engines. Getting the best possible traffic is the first step towards being more successful in affiliate marketing.

    3. Target audience

    Choose a target audience that really is interested in your blog. If you try to sell a wrong product, you will not succeed in affiliate marketing. If your blog is about gadgets and you try selling fashion accessories on your affiliate link, it will prove disastrous. That is exactly the reason you need to select a proper niche for your blog.

    4. Provide your own recommendations

    People visit your site because they believe in what you write. Maintain this trust. Just providing a link will not be enough. Personally promote and recommend a product based on your own experiences.

    5. Positioning of the links

    It is important to note the exact position of your links on your site. In text links are better to generate income. Also consider positioning the ads between the posts.

    Live....and Let Live!

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