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  • Which are the best niche markets to start a new blog for monetization?

    Are you keen to know which are the best niche markets to start a new blog for monetization? Ask our technical experts for their best advice.

    One of the popular ways to earn money online is to make a blog website free on some platform like Wordpress or Blogger. There are many popular blogs on Blogspot as well.

    However, making a living via blogging is not an easy task, and it requires the blogger to be really well-informed and smart. As one searches for a particular blog niche area or market, it seems there is lot of competition in all of them. So, which are the top niche markets in blogging or top blog niche areas in which we can start a new blog? The objective is to monetize it in the long run after generating tonnes of quality content.
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  • I usually pay attention to what the popular media houses are aiming for when it comes to content creation. Some of the niche worth entering into are -

    1. Legal guidance for women.
    2. Education (exam and soft skills)
    3. Mental health issues. (specifically stress management)
    4. DIY hobbies and art (lot of affiliate program opportunities).

    These niche may sound less saturated but as of there are lot of things that are not filled in the market. So you have to be very focused and think in terms of brand in order to succeed in these niches.

    These niches have better CPC cost for the adsense. Also there are plenty of companies who are likely to be open for the affiliate program. Take DIY hobbies for an example, there are stores in US and India which you can use for affiliate program. So that too can open another monetization option. The above mentioned niche can be extended into community based portals or forums. This can be helpful while applying for programs such as Viglink and Skimlinks.
    These niche also have good performance with the VigLink and Skimlinks.

    Do note that in order to stand out for these niche, you have to build up better content. You have to focus on how you get more visitors to see the blog or website. For example if you check ehow website, you'll understand that the content and the images is very attractive. That's why you have to work harder on the type of theme theme you use and the ads and affiliate links to be added into the content.

    Almost every niche that pays well in the market of ads and affiliate program is going to have tough competition. In order to perform better in such case is to put on better content and deliver it using unique view to the people.

  • Well, you are right when you say niche is important when you want to monetise your blog. Creating content that is mostly in demand would be best way to get better income.

    A few good niche from the profitability point of view would be -

    1. Medical and Health care

    A health blog can cover many points such as fitness and nutrition. You may also go for weight control, diseases or health research. It has been proved beyond doubt that health niche is the number one option when it comes to getting better income from blogs.

    2. Technology

    Technology is another hot selling niche from the profitability point of view. You can keep providing useful information on latest gadgets and technological advancements.

    You may also consider providing tutorials for resolving the common issues concerned with the technology and gadgets. Please note that the niche has not been saturated even with a huge number of blogs depending on it. However, it would be important to note that the blog will need constant updation to stay ahead of competition.

    3. Blogging

    Yes, blogging on blogging is another great niche. With the high number of bloggers on the rise, there is a constant demand for the tips on how to blog. So, why not start a blog on blogging itself? Most of us have issues with our blogs. Pay attention to the tutorial part as it would be more apt.

    If you are an expert in HTML tags, SEO or any such fields, share your knowledge. Sharing is caring, they say. Sharing is earning , let us prove.

    4. Money and Business

    There are a few blogs available in this niche, yet it is still in demand. Share your ideas on how to earn money online or offline. Needless to say - stay away from suggesting something illegal.

    Business niche needs an expertise on how to start a new business or run it. Share tips from real life stories so that you will look realistic.

    5. Home Decor/Crafts

    Crafts and do it yourself sites attract much traffic these days. The niche has the huge potential to be the best money spinner. Studio DIY is one of the examples for a successful blog.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Though there are many niches out there and promises to bring $$$$ to your account but most of them are already banked by some old authoritative sites and some by spammed sites for short term rankings.

    The objective of finding niche is simple, just follow one rule. Make it as simple as possible. For example when you take technology as one niche, it is the most saturated niche, you can find some highly competitive websites like verge, Cnet which can literally rank on all keywords. So just break into parts and follow the rule of divide & conquer.Take the example niche Technology break that into tiny parts like smartphones, tablets, AC's etc or make how to guides like How to install ? How to follow step by step procedure to achieve certain things. Though the searches for this is low but collectively this will bring huge $$$ to your account.

    Other way around is make a Google News website and bank through it. Make a website and post daily 5 articles in it and there are certain guide lines which we should follow and your website will be approved by google. Then maintain with the same pacy and you can rank on most of the keywords by a google news approved site.

    There are some untapped niches you can find them by surfing through web and applying little common sense with some keyword research tools and know the niche, rank it , bank it.

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