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  • Need Some Opinions On Windows 10

    Do you need some opinion on Windows 10? Ask our technical experts about their first hand experience.

    I am planning to upgrade shortly to windows 10 from my current version of windows 7. I tried with Windows 8 but really disappointed with it especially it's tablet view. So again I switched back to Windows 7 itself. But now I heard 10 has some great updates and awesome features to show up. Can anyone here help me this to get throughout this ? I want to know Pros & Cons of using it. Can we access completely to Microsoft excel, office and other tools still ?, since I had this feature is like a trail version and we have to upgrade it seems. Is this correct ? Or can we crack the code and use Office tools fully ?
    Hope anyone can reply me soon.
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  • If you just want to test the Windows 10 then upgrading can be a good option. However do note that you only have 30 days for the rolling back to your previous operating system. Also rolling back process makes even the previous operating system to perform badly due to issues occur in this situation.

    Pros of Windows 10 :

    1. In 2017 onwards, you're going to upgrade to Windows 10 eventually due to some software making their support specific to new OS.

    2. Microsoft Office and other software works out of the box on new Windows 10. There is no issue with using any of the software on the system. You can even run the old Microsoft Office through compatibility option too.

    3. Operating system is much more responsive towards your needs. It's easy to access settings and make changes to OS compared to Windows 8 and 7.

    4. Start menu is back and is hybrid of menu from Windows 7 and Metro UI in 8. You can even customize it to make it look classic.

    5. Cortana can improve your automation and speed to use the system. It can save a lot of time working on desktop.

    6. Virtual desktop can be handy for those who have too many tasks on same desktop. Also it can be good for grouping the task windows.

    7. Security is much better in Windows 10 compared to UAC in Windows 8.1 and 7. You'll find making changes is not that restrictive and also not easy to compromise on security.

    Cons: There are lot of issues with Windows 10 though. And some of them are as follows -

    1. Forced updates : Some of the default settings of the Windows 10 force background updates. This can be bad for those with slow speed and also for those who don't want to allow automatic updates.

    2. No DVD player support: Earlier windows versions had DVD support with media player, but now that is removed and you have to specifically download the app which is going paid in future. You can use VLC for media codec in that case.

    3. Privacy Issues: Microsoft collects lot of personal user data. And this makes enabling some services a risk. Though there are fixes released to tackle this.

    There are few other issues that have been released such as sound and video drivers not being responsive towards new Windows 10. So it's upto your current device manufacturers driver release that decides if the Windows 10 will work with it.

    The upgrade that you get if it's on genuine Windows, you don't have to do anything. If the upgrade you wish to do is not on genuine windows or pirated then it's upto you how you choose to upgrade it with license. Office has it's own licensing server and it has nothing to do with Windows 10 license or upgrade.

  • A few good points in favour

    Well, Windows 10 has been planned to be "the platform" - not just OS. It will not only available for 32 and 64 bit PCs. It will also be made available for smaller devices like tablets and smartphones. Microsoft has come up with the concept called Universal Apps. These apps will run across all devices running Windows 10. Thus upgrading to Windows 10 should give you seamless sync. Just like what we have experiencing with Google.

    You will not need to worry with the interface as had been the case with Windows 8. The update has a redesigned interface. The design language appears quite refined.

    File explorer has received considerable improvements. You can now Pin your frequently accessed folders on the Home screen of the explorer.

    Lesser usage of the right click option has been one of the subtle changes that have been brought to Windows.

    As for the apps, Microsoft has been into making it easy for the developers to convert their Android apps to the Universal apps. Thus the developers need not go into extra efforts to create apps for Windows 10. Hopefully, this move will make more developers port their apps to Windows. Apart from that the Windows Store for Windows 10 is getting completely revamped.

    The quality of the built in apps has considerably improved. Photos, Mail and Sports and News are some of the apps that have been quite interesting in this regard.

    One of the points we have been looking forward to in Windows 10 is the new Edge browser. It is expected to change the way we used to look at browsers from Microsoft.

    Microsoft is coming up with the new Continnum feature that lets you connect any device to work as a PC.

    Security has been beefed up. Device Guard is the new feature that will help you neutralize any attacks on your system remotely. The system is designed to avert any attacks on your system.

    Windows 10 incorporates the new Windows Hello. It is a biometric support that does away the need for a password. It uses your face, iris or fingerprints to open the files or applications.

    Cortana should be one of the strong reasons to update. The personal assistant from Microsoft has really been great and well integrated across all services provided by Microsoft.

    A few points against Windows 10

    Stability could be one of the major issues. Microsoft has already released a massive One GB of bug fix downloads. That should give you a clear idea of the issue. These patches are likely to bring them more bugs. It could be a good idea to stay away till it stabilises.

    Another point that has been going against the plan to update to Windows 10 is the aggressive manner in which Microsoft has been pushing the update. The updates are being installed on customer systems without any warning. This could be a reason to annoyance.

    Windows 7 has been treated as the most intuitive OS so far. You may not be able to see that kind of ease of use on Windows 10 - at least in these beginning stages.

    Some of the useful features from Windows 7 have been removed. One prime example could be the Media Center. There are reports that some games have also been removed.

    The compulsory updates may cost you the precious broadband data. Do remember that in addition to getting updated on its own, your PC will send the updates to all the PCs in your network.

    Privacy is reported to be one of the major concerns with Windows 10. Microsoft has been collecting quite a huge amount of data Though there are a few ways to block access to this data harvesting, you cannot be sure of being able to prevent the transfer of your data to the tune of cent percent.

    It would be advisable to check out with the service providers of the regular applications you have been working with. They may still be working with the new version compatible with your Windows 10. It may be wiser to wait till your software is ready with an updated
    version than being sorry to see your applications not working.

    Having pointed out all that, I should hasten to add that Windows 10 is indeed is quite good with a cleaner interface and useful features. The fact that the upgrade is free for existing users can be a reason enough for you consider the upgrade. Moreover, if you are not happy with the upgrade - you can easily roll back to your older version. Do not forget that you have only 30 days time to decide on roll back.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • These is the new thing from Microsoft forcing to download Windows 10 and the plan to convert all the Windows XP and Windows 7 users to Windows 10 by providing free OTA download.

    Coming to the pro's and Con's of Windows 10


    1. The start menu which disappeared in windows 8 is back and the new start menu also has some touch of Windows 8 in it and you will like it.

    2. The Task manager is responsive and also feels like you are using a mobile or a tab.

    3. There is a tablet mode and it well redesign the whole look and make it look like a tablet. ( which is the best option rather than forcing everyone for tablet look )

    4. Cortana will makes thing easy and also the accuracy is improved drastically from the last one.

    5. New Edge browser is cool and performs faster than Firefox & chrome.

    6. All the in built apps are much improved and proved to be a great worth and security features are enhanced.

    7. Introduction of God mode in windows 10, where it displays all the settings at one place. If windows 10 settings are like a sort of annoyance then God Mode surely makes you feel comfortable.


    1. While upgrading to windows 10, some of the drivers may be affected, happened with my screen brightness drivers and Bluetooth drivers and I had to install them once again from start.

    2. Forced updates and also takes much more time to complete.

    3. Much more importance to Edge browser but the browser crashes while using it. ( Happens rarely )

    I would insist you to upgrade to windows 10 and have a look on it and you will feel comfortable using it.

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