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    Inquiry regarding the genuineness of a company

    If you are doubtful regarding the genuineness of a company, ask our technical experts if there are ways to verify it.

    The website of the company is I want to know whether this company is fake or real as this company is situated in Chennai and is going to provide me a job in Canada.
    Please do help regarding this matter as it can affect my career adversely. This Company promised to give a job in Canada with 4 years work permit. I don't know about the genuineness of the company. Its' Website seems real but can't believe that one can get a guaranteed job so easily and especially when so many scammers are coming in the market. So please let me know.
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  • I just checked the site you have linked in the question. Here are some of the claims that I have found to be totally alarming. The reason I found them alarming is that the offer presented is too good to be true.

    1. No age limit : Almost every country has specific points set for the visa applicants for work visa. So if you're 50 and applying for work visa, your visa is less likely to go through compared to person in 20s and 30s. Even people in 30s get preference on lesser points in criteria. So this specific point is too good to be true.

    2. NO IELTS : Not a single English speaking country gets you on board for work visa without language proficiency. If not IELTS you have to pass other language specific test overseas or you have to show educational competence. Unless you're working on ship or mines, there is a need to use English on everyday basis within the country. In case of Canada, you can speak Punjabi and English, but there is still a need for English language.

    3. No Interview : You have to clear Visa interview before boarding off this country. And you have to give the interview again in another country before stepping outside the airport. So this claim is too good to be true. And the person who is going to employ you is also going to take your interview before offering the job.

    4. 120 days process : It takes more than 120 days for processing of Visa and Passport. So again I am not sure how they are managing this.

    I suggest you to avoid this company. Because their claims are too shady. There are many other offshore job consultancies available. Just check the consultancy that is realistic with their claims. Companies such as this are not providing clearance on the process on their site either. And this is what makes me wary of their actions. So better to avoid such consultancies and instead go for the one which are known for their track record of proper placement offshore.

  • The site indeed has been developed in an excellent manner. But, the terms and offers specified on the site do not seem much reliable.
    There is no mention of the qualifications. That in itself gives rise to serious doubts. The requirements state that anyone who is 18+ can apply. How can one hope for Blue Collar jobs without the mention of qualifications? No need for the English Language skills raises further suspicion.

    Then there is no mention of whether there will be an interview for Visa. If the term "No Interview" is in connection with VISA, I would definitely say that the company is fake. VISA applications DO GO through interviews and the process takes a lot of time than what has been declared on the site. And if that is in connection with the job, I do not understand which company offers you a job without an interview.

    On the face of it, it definitely looks like a fraud. I would advice you not to go for it. The company is too good to be true.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • By going through the details of that website what I found out is that domain was registered on 17 Feb 2016, under the name Ramesh Johnson. First thing is the website is quite new and here starts the doubt on its credibility.
    Second is the the requirements, age 18+, no IELTS score and all that, if it was that easy then everyone would opt for that and with just 18+ and they might have completed Inter, so that would not be enough to do a job in Abroad and that to with no IELTS score.

    Other thing is the no clear proof for all that and also no trademark logo or a registered company for that to look on the details. All I would suggest you is avoid the company and just go through the normal procedure rather than looking for some false promised miracles like these.

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