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  • Informatica or Cognos - which is better?

    Do you want an opinion on which is better among Informatica or Cognos? Ask our technical experts to guide you through.

    I have decided to go for a 2 month training for informatica or cognos. I am not sure which will better suit me. I am interested in doing something exciting (like artificial intelligence, though not sure if I can) in DB. I basically get bored with routine things. Everyday, I want to do new things, learn new things, etc. Can you tell me about both the tools and the opportunities they provide and which will suit me? I have 2.5 years UNIX support and have more financial commitments (around 20lakh debt). Thanks.
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  • Both these tools are used in Data warehousing. And these tools are doing different tasks in order to accomplish the same thing. So both of them are worth learning if you have time. There are many opportunities for the learning and getting job in such case. You can also learn these tools on YouTube if you don't wish to spend the money on the courses.

    Here's the simple way to explain both the tools.

    Informatica : This tool is for the purpose of ETL. The meaning of ETL is extract transform and load. This tool is used in data warehousing and testing purpose. It takes the source of data from SQL, DB2, MySQL, Oracle and few other sources. After processing the data it loads it into the data warehousing unit. That's the pretty much simple task it performs. Then the processed data is then later used in data science, business intelligence and other projects, depending on the requirement.

    Cognos: This tool does the same task as Informatica. However it is used for more specific tasks in the business application. When it comes to data science and business use of any data. In such case the reporting tasks are performed by the Cognos. You can learn this tool alongside Informatica. This tool can be used to access the data warehousing and then used to generate the reports. So like Informatica it does the same task. Apart from cognos you can also use Oracle's business intelligence tools.

    If you want to get the job in data warehousing then learning these tools can be really good. There are jobs available starting from 3.6 L onwards in this domain. If you learn data science and statistics then the packages offered will be even higher than this. Depends how much you invest into this course. Start with free courses and videos online and see how much you wish to work on this skill.

  • If you have time and with zero investment you can learn about both these Data Warehousing tools. All you have to do is go through the internet for YouTube videos or free Udemy courses. ( check thoroughly, as most of the Udemy courses are crap.) Here are the details about both these tools.

    Cognos is a reporting tool and Informatica is ETL ( Extract- Transform Load) tool. In cognos you can present your database data in more formats or versions which depends on your requirement, this enables us to convert data in good & efficient one while in Informatica all you have to do mapping and many thing to store data from different data sources as sometime from flat file you save in database in table form.

    Both are different type of software to work but the common point is both of them related to Database and you can work on both of them.

    In cognos you can extract data and you can Modify and decorate data and you can decorate your report but before that you need to save data in data base from different file sources for that we need Informatica.

    I recommend you to learn both of these and try your hands on and choose which fits you perfectly and then carry on with it .

  • Cognos and Informatica are different tools in what they do. Cognos is a tool used for reporting of database while informatica is an ETL tool.
    Though both them work in relation with the databases, the area of their operation differs.

    Informatica as a ETL tool. It is used to extract and move the data in a database. Cognos is a reporting tool that that will just present the data stored in the database in some form that suits your needs or users.
    What you would choose should depend upon what you want to do. It has more to do with your interests and ambitions as far as the career is concerned. If you are more interested in the statistical analysis as your main career ambition, I would advice you to go with Cognos. On the other hand, if your outlook is of technical nature, it would be a good idea to opt for Informatica. It involves modelling and presenting the data in a more meaningful way.

    Well, the decision should be yours. However, I would advice you not to opt for both of them.

    Live....and Let Live!

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