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    Does Swipe Elite 2 support OTG cable?

    Want to know if Swipe Elite 2 supports USB OTG functionality? Get to know from our experts in this thread.

    I would like to know some information about . Does Swipe Elite 2 support OTG cable or not? Please let me know.
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  • Swipe Elite 2 does support USB OTG function. You can connect your smartphone to the external drives to view the files stored on those drives on your phone. Please note that the file formats on your external drives may or may not supported on your smartphone. If there is an incompatibility, you may need to format it to the required drive. Please ensure that you have taken a proper backup of your existing files before formatting.
    You may also use a USB mouse or keyboard to your device and use them with your phone. Your phone, in other words, works both as a host and a peripheral device with the aid of USB OTG functionality.
    Kindly note that the OTG cable may or may not be part of the sales package. In such cases, you may need to buy the cable as a separate accessory.

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  • Yes, Swipe Elite 2 support OTG cable, you can connect your external drives directly to your phone and use it. Once check for the maximum supported file storage of the phone and also which is compatible with the external drive and also check for file format of it and use it.

    Swipe Elite 2 doesn't have OTG in the package. you should buy it separately and check it out in an online store for a good OTG cable and make sure it supports your mobile and works it out.

  • Swipe Elite 2 support OTG functionality in it's hardware specifications. By default the device doesn't ship with the USB OTG connectivity cable. So if you want to use it for data transfer or other use cases then you have to purchase that from third party stores. Official service center also sells the USB OTG cable specific to your device. It can be used to connect another device such as USB mouse and keyboard to it. Same connectivity cable can be used for the file transfer using the OTG cable. It can also be used as a device hot spot for file transfer and for sharing connection.

  • Sad enough, but the Swipe Elite 2 doesn't support OTG connectivity. The users will not be able to connect their external USB drive directly to the Swipe Elite 2, as per the "In the box" features.


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