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  • What is the best custom ROM for Sony Experia P?

    Are you lloking for the best custom ROM for Sony Experia P? Ask our experts for the best suggestions.

    Hi friends, I have a two years old Sony Experia P phone. I have rooted this phone. As Sony UI is heavy one, there are many processes running. Out of 1GB RAM, I have only around 350 MB RAM left to use for running applications.

    I have many apps like Google maps to reduce the RAM consumption and to avoid battery consumption. I have put my phone in both standby mode and low battery mode. But still battery drains faster on continuous usage even for short time.

    I want to try some custom ROM as I have rooted my phone. Now, I am currently in Jellybean. I am thinking of upgrading it to Lollypop or higher or Cyanogen or any custom ROM that will help me with reduced RAM usage by inbuilt apps and less battery consumption. Please suggest me the best custom ROM for my Sony Experia P Thanks.
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  • Here we go with a few best custom ROMs you can install on your Sony Xperia P -

    1. MIUI ROM for Xperia

    The ROM has been indicated to have best in class performance. It does come with GAPPS included. So, you will not face any issues with the Google apps after installing this ROM. MIUI ROM has been stated to have no battery drain issues. It has support for Mobile Bravia Engine 2.

    2. Fidelity ROM for Xperia P

    The ROM is developed by XDA developers. You will get Xperia T/V apps and many other Xperia T/V services. Google apps are supported on this ROM.

    3. TinyXperiaLite ROM

    The ROM is again developed by XDA developers. It supports camera MOD with Cyber shot with HDR. You can get On Screen button enabler and stock Xperia launcher. It also comes with PlayStation Mobile for your device.

    4. TheBriansROM

    The ROM is based on original Sony firmware. It has root permissions enabled. Unnecessary apps have been removed. It does have almost all the features of the stock ROM. Sony Bravia 2 Engine is supported.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Here are some of the ROMs that you can try on your Sony Experia P. Make sure you check if the ROM has been tested on the model before you root the device for installation.

    1. SlimROM: This ROM works with almost all the android phones. It is frugal version of the default android OS. The ROM also reduces the amount of RAM being used by the apps. So this is the ROM you need if you don't want ROM to consume much resource.

    2. Cataclysm: Another frugal ROM with more focus on the performance. I'd say, compared to SlimROM this may consume more RAM but still good on 1GB memory. The current release of the cataclysm was only meant for the Nexus devices, however XDA developers have ported the ROM to other devices. So this option is now open to you.

    3. XenonHD: This is more suitable for you if you run games and need more performance from ROM. Most of the ROMs run low when they are on 1GB RAM. This ROM is officially tested on Sony devices. So you can be rest assured that it works with your phone.

    4. Paranoid Android ROM is simple and clean UI. Compared to default ROM, it is much easier to navigate. Also it takes less resources compared to Sony's UI and even CyanogenMod mod. It doesn't have much bloatware into it, so it can be easy for you to choose this ROM without much compromising on the UI side.

    5. Honami : It was designed for the Xperia Z stock ROM. And it is now being ported to other Sony devices. This ROM looks similar to the MIUI 5 ROM. It doesn't add much bloatware into your device. It has quick navigation like Xeon. Also works good with low RAM such as 1GB.

    Avatar: This ROM is basically combo of MIUI and CyanoGenMod. It doesn't add much bloatwaare into your system. It is good for tweaking and for customization. It's also lot quicker on phone than Honami and Paranoid Android.

    There are many other frugal ROMs that you can try for performance improvement. Just check if those ROM supports your device. Often some ROMs can be easily ported but some requires tweaking before installing. So I suggest keeping tab on XDA developers forum.

    Note: You can install MIUI 7, Oxygen OS 8, CoolUI 8, FlymeOS on XPeria too. However do note that these OS may not be good enough for device that has 1GB RAM. For example, phone with MIUI 7 runs very slow and can't run two apps at the same time. However MIUI 6 maybe good for the Xperia P. I don't suggest installing other high resource hungry ROMs such as Flyme, Oxygen etc.

  • Sorry I have missed this point. I havent unlocked my bootloader. I couldnt do it with minimal ADB and fastboot.

    So I am looking for ROMS that are for locked bootloaders. Could you please tell the ROMS from the above list that are meant for locked bootloaders.

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