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    Quick access pin issue with HDFC android application

    Are you facing a Quick access pin issue with HDFC android application? Ask our technical experts to provide you with their best solutions.

    Hi members, hope you know the recent update of HDFC mobilebanking android application that has an additional way of logging in. We can create a 4 digit quick access PIN to login instead of giving our customer ID and password.

    Now, the problem is, I registered for it from my Samsung Galaxy Pro. Now, I have changed my phone. So installed the HDFC application and tried to log in using the same Quick access pin. But it says I am not registered for Quick access. So I tried to register using my mobile number as usual. But it says, I have already registered with this mobile number with another device.

    Now, I cannot register newly or login using already existing PIN. Can you help me with this?
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  • It appears as if you have not deregistered your account from your previous device. You may have to deregister the old device.

    If the issue does not get solved, please get in touch with the customer care centre of HDFC bank. You should get the link within the app.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • You can only solve this issue by taking this to the customer service. The reason being the device is registered to your phone which you can't use anymore. And new device may not be accepted unless you do this from customer care side from bank. Also if your bank has net-banking dashboard that allow de-registering your earlier phone then use that option. However most of the time this option is at administrative end. So you may not be able to use this.

    Contact HDFC bank customer care. Or visit the nearest branch and ask them for help on this issue.

  • To fix this issue, follow the steps below , no need to contact customer support.
    1. Install HDFC app in your new phone.
    2 . Click Set new PIN , Enter New PIN details, provide same Mobile number, OTP will generate to validate.
    3. Pop up will come to Deregister from old device.
    4. Enter your card and PIN details.
    5. Set New PIN.
    6. Enjoy Quick PIN option.

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    I've a hdfc bank mobile app in my android phone, previously the app was using with the different customer id, now i got a new customer id for the same account, if i am using the same access pin there is nothing to use now i want new quick access pin for the different customer id,
    can anybody suggest me how to delete previous access pin and generate new pin for the new customer id.
    quick access pin: 1234
    previous customer id: 999999999999
    current customer id: 888888888888

    previously quick access pin :1234 was using with customer id: 99999999999
    now i want to use quick access pin with new customer id: 8888888888
    can anybody tell how to use quick access pin with the new customer id,
    I'm already tried with reset quick access pin but the is showing msg "quick access pin already mapped with another customer id"
    can anybody help me on the issue?

  • @Pankaj This resolved my Issue thanks brother!

  • You can de-register the Quick Access PIN on your Mobile Banking App by following below steps :

    Step 1 : Login into the app using Customer ID and iPIN.

    Step 2 : Click on 'More' and then go to 'Others'.

    Step 3 - Click on 'Quick Access Pin De-registration'.

    Step 4 - Click 'OK' on the confirmation pop-up message.

    Step 5 - Post confirmation you will receive a pop-up message stating that the de-registration is successful.

    Post de-registration, you can register for a fresh Quick Access PIN.

    Note :

    1) Digits used in setting Quick Access PIN should not be same as used in last 5 instances.
    2) "De-registration of Quick Access PIN" is currently LIVE only for Android users & it will be for other OS versions shortly.

  • I have resolved this problem but not sure if it will work for other users. What I did is simply trying to set a 4-digit PIN. Note that I have not done forgot 4-digit PIN . It will ask for your user ID . After giving a new PIN it gives a popup saying you are already registered do you want to change (not remember exactly) . Click ok then again it will redirect you to change the PIN access. Provide the new PIN again and it starts working. Hope it will work for you too :)

  • @Lalji Dwivedi.... thank you Sir I have followed steps u suggested and Solved Quick Access PIN problem in my new phone. Thanks a lot.

  • @Pankaj This resolved my Issue thanks brother!

  • @Lalji Dwivedi thanks @Ankit singh It works for me Thank you :)

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