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    Starting Problem of Yu Yureka Plus

    Are you having trouble in starting up your mobile? Ask our technical experts to extend their best advice.

    I am not able to start my Yu Yureka Plus mobile after installing fast boot mode. What shall I do now, its not starting up and there is no charging indication appearing on the mobile.
    Another thing is, if I put for charging without battery it is showing charging indication in red colour, can anybody please help me out?
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  • From the description provided by you, it appears as if you have got your phone bricked. There is a way to unbrick your device. Follow the instructions carefully. Please note that I cannot assure you that it will be successful. However, since your phone is already bricked, I do not think there should be no harm in trying it out.

    Make sure of following points before starting
    1. You will need a PC with internet connection and USB cable.

    2. The phone should have 70 to 80 percent of the battery.

    3. Please note that all the data you had on your phone will get erased.

    The steps

    1. You will need the flash tools. You can download them from the link

    2. Download the factory firmware from the link

    3. Now extract the flash tools you downloaded in step 1 somewhere on your desktop. You may choose to extract it to any other location you want. Please remember the location. You will need the tools.

    4. Extract the firmware files ( downloaded in step 2) on the same folder.

    5. Make sure your phone is switched off. Connect your phone to the PC using the USB cable while keeping the Volume Up key pressed..

    6. Check if you see the fast boot logo. Once that does, release Volume Up key.

    7. Navigate to the folder where you have extracted the flash tools and firmware. Launch flash-all.bat by double clicking on it.

    8. Flashing will proceed with a new command window. Make sure not to disconnect your device.

    9. The command window will close automatically after the completion of the flashing process.

    10. Disconnect your phone from PC and switch it on by pressing Power button.

    It will take a little more time than usual to get your phone switched on.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • When you root your device for Fast Boot, it seems your device is soft bricked. In soft bricked some of the functions remain active. But phone starts to create some issues like boot up issue or battery indication. In case of hard bricked device your device will not even power up to reach home screen.

    In hard bricked case, your device will get into a loop. And if it reached desktop then it may not even function properly. If it doesn't reach into the desktop, it'd end up in making device dead. If you can get into the recovery mode then use following instructions to repair the device from bricking.

    1. Go to recovery mode.
    2. Scroll down to advanced (use volume up and down keys)
    3. Choose Wipe Dalvik Cache and also Wipe Cache partition.
    4. Also in next few steps - choose "Wipe Data / Factory Reset".
    This step will delete all the apps and settings in your factory ROM.
    5. Come out of recovery mode and restart the device.

    If you don't want to use recovery mode then in such case you can use the windows apps that can do the job as explained in above steps.

    If you can't do the above steps then the best option is to take the device to the service center.

    Do note that the method used here just returns your device to factory settings. And also note that if bricking is confirmed from the service center then your option is either buying a new device or fixing the internal OS and with new setup.

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