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    What do you expect from GTA 5?

    Rockstar Games released a trailer of GTA 5 Adventures in Finance and Felony expansion. What other things do you expect from GTA 5 this season?

    Rockstar Games released a trailer of GTA 5 Adventures in Finance and Felony expansion, which comes out on June 7 and support for online play where multiple users can play together.

    What other things you think will rock this new GTA 5 Finance and Felony expansion?
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  • GTA 5 is one of the much-awaited ones in gaming arena and as far as the new is that this game additional features alongside with the previous are that now it will be running at 4K 60fps. Though only a few devices are using at this resolution but they adapted it to the higher level possible.

    Now everything is going to be with VR (Virtual Reality ) still there have no details on it though the game will be running in 3D from first.

    The main gameplay of Grand Theft Auto 5 will remain the same but it wouldn't be a surprise if they made a few tweaks in between.

    Buzz is that they might include a secondary steering option that works with the gyroscope built into the PlayStation 4 controller, which will increase it radar in console version.

  • The game seems to have lot of improvements and changes from the earlier expansions set. Some of the notable improvements are as follows.

    Vehicles: There are more than 12 specific branded vehicles to choose from. You can get them over a period of levels in the game.

    Weapon: Before going for the mission, you can customize your perfect weapon. You can mix and match from other guns in the locker. This loadout feature can be accessed during the mission too. Weapon magazines are also enhanced and resemble the real life scenario and physics laws.

    Adversary Mode: In this mode the person has to kill the existing winner in the online game. This way the winners and losers chart gets shuffled.

    Minigame: There is one minigame mode which can be played within the office of any level.

    Missions Some missions are special where you can get items specific to that level.

    Enterprise Mode : This game is going to allow enterprise mode within the game. You can be CEO and start your own mafia gangs and business. So this mode will help you get control over city's financial options.

    Apart from game specific control, there is experimental support for the VR. Though not much VR-Only specific settings have been reported. HD support for the gameplay and additional controls for level specific items can be expected.

  • The following are the changes in the updates for GTA 5 -

    1. More and better adventures in Finance and felony. The fans can now run new merchandise.

    2. Newer vehicles. There will be dedicated vehicle classes. You will not be able to switch between them as you used to do before.

    3. New weapons have arrived.

    Live....and Let Live!

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