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    Best earphones for Lenovo K4 Note

    Are you looking for the best earphones for Lenovo K4 Note? Ask our experts to guide you to the relevant stores.

    I would like to know the best earphones for Lenovo K4 Note. Please suggest me the ones which are of high quality, long lasting and having awesome sound.
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  • For your Lenovo K4 Note, you can go for these earphones from

    1. 3.5mm In Ear Earbud Stereo Sound Noise Free Earphones Headphone Mini Size HandsFree Headset with Mic For lenovo K4 Note in Golden Black colour.

    Price: Rs.229

    2. Jkobi 108582FOREXLNVK4NOTE 3.5mm In Ear Bud Earphones
    Price: Rs.195

    3. Hayman Mi-Brown36 Data Base Ear Wired Headsets for Lenovo K4 Note (Brown)
    Price: Rs. 349

    4. Premium 3.5mm In Ear Bud Handsfree Headset Earphones with MIC for LENOVO K4 NOTE-GOLD from Jkobi
    Price: Rs.340

    5. With Volume Control In Ear Bud Headset Earphones With Mic Compatible For Lenovo Vibe K4 Note -Black by Jkobi
    Price: Rs. 290

    6. ANT VR Headset (Black) for Lenovo K4 Note, Vibe X3, K5 Plus, K3 Note with Android M update
    by ANT
    Price: Rs.1,299

    7. Royal Rusi - Ubon High Bass Earphone For Lenovo K4 Note with Mic
    Price: Rs. 228

    8. Premium 3.5mm In Ear Bud Handsfree Headset Earphones with MIC for LENOVO K4 NOTE-CYAN by Jkobi
    Price: Rs. 340.00

    Among the above said earphones, I would suggest you the ANT VR Headset (Black) for better sound quality and the VR functionality. Moreover it is also compatible with a couple of other smartphones.

  • Here are some of the best earphones for Lenovo K4 Note. I suggest buying an earphone from Sennheiser, JBL or Skullcandy. These are the top brands in headphones market. Don't go for cheap headphones, they will stop working within few months.

    1. Skullcandy JIB S2DUDZ-003 In-Ear Headphone: It is available at for Rs. 529.

    2. Sennheiser MX 170 Earbuds Earphones: Its price is 624 Rupees at Snapdeal.

    3. Philips SHE1405WT/94 In-Ear Headphones with Mic: You can buy this earphone for 259 Rupees from Amazon India.

    4. Asus Zen Ear AHSU001 In Ear Earphones with Mic: This earphone is available on Snapdeal for 769 Rupees.

    5. JBL JBLT150A In-Ear Headphone: This one is available for Rs. 797 on, whilw its price on Snapdeal is 759 Rupees plus shipping.

  • Here are some of the best earphones for Lenovo K4 Note.

    1. JBL JBLT150A In-Ear Headphone : This earphone from JBL is priced at Rs. 796.00. It is available on Amazon India.

    2. Sennheiser CX 180 Street II In-Ear Headphone: Another good set of earphone is priced at Rs. 799. It is available on Amazon India.

    3. Skullcandy SCS2DUFZ-385 Jib In-Ear Headphone : This popular earphone from Skullcandy is priced at 499 Rs. It is available on Amazon India.

    4. Philips SHE1405WT/94 Wired Headphones(White, In the Ear): This earphone from philips is for those with limited budget. It is priced at Rs. 349. It is available from Flipkart.

    5. Samsung Stereo Headset With Volume Key Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds Headphones bluetooth Headphones: This earphone is priced at Rs. 549. It is available from Flipkart.

    6. House of Marley Smile Jamaica In-Ear Headphone with Mic - MidnightThis expensive earphone is priced at 1099 Rs. It is available from Amazon India.

    You can find some good set of earphones on Amazon India here :

    Filter the earphones based on price and customer feedback from the left hand sidebar on Amazon.

    If you want to check alternate online stores then flipkart can be good option too. Check it here:,4mr,fp0

  • Lenovo K4 Note being a device with 3.5 mm audio jack, any good quality earphone should work with your phone. A few good options could be -

    1. Skullcandy Ando Headphones for Lenovo

    You can buy these on Amazon. The item currently seems to be unavailable. I would advice you to keep checking it for the availability. The earphones are available in red color option.

    2. Earphone for Lenovo K4 Note

    The earphones can be bought on You can purchase them for Rs. 210. With a frequency response of 20 to 28 Hz, it has light weight design.

    3. Lenovo Vibe K4 Note Compatible Earphone / Handfree

    Made up of plastic and rubber, you can buy this earphone from Amazon India. The earphones are priced at Rs. 349. The can be brought in multiple colors. The earphone has been optimised for use with multiple devices.

    4. VKR Cases Premium Black Earphones / Headphones

    The earphones are available on Amazon India. You may buy them at Rs. 229. The remote comes with call answering.

    5. Hello Zone Exclusive Designer Series Stereo Headset

    These are again made available by Amazon India. The headsets are compatible with multiple devices like TV, MP3 players and others apart from your phone. You can buy them at Rs. 219.

    6. Sennheiser CX 180 Street II In-ear-canalphone

    These earphones are a bit expensive. Priced at Rs. 844, these provide high-resolution sound. It comes with 1.2 metre long cable. You can buy them on Flipkart.

    Here is a best deal you may opt if you are interested.

    Stilmobil Flip For Lenovo K4 Note A with Earphones, Audio Splitter and USB LED Light is the best deal you may get for a combo offer. The combo is priced at an amazing Rs. 419. You may opt for this on SnapDeal. The offer consists of a Flipcover, a USB LED light, earphones and audio splitter.

    Live....and Let Live!

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