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  • Can I post my articles from my website to other site?

    Are you wondering whether you can post your articles from your own website to other sites? Ask our technical experts for the best advice.

    Few month back, we friends created a website. Due to some misunderstanding between us, we had to stop contributing into that. Now, I want to take my content from there and want to post it in other website. Is it possible to do that after deleting it from that website?
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  • That should not affect you as far as my knowledge goes. Having a 301 redirect on the original site can ensure you get the visitors to the site not getting a 404 error message.

    Since you have deleted the original post on the original site, there should not be any issue in getting the article posted on another site. Please make sure that you have completely deleted the article from the original site. Once the post is deleted from a site, it ceases to be visible to the search engines.

    However, a good idea to stay safe would be to post a new content altogether by making slight changes to the article. Make sure that the article is not copy pasted. This will ensure that you will not face any issue with the plagiarism issues if any.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • If you have deleted the original source, and if you are reusing it somewhere else, I don't think there should be any issue. But it would be certainly better to change the words a bit, before posting them.

    If both are your personal websites an blogs, then there would not be any problem, but if you are writing for someone else or in some other's site, then you must make some changes to the articles so that there should be no blame game of plagiarism.

  • If You are the owner you article then you can do it, but you should remember that rehashing or publishing your content is not good practice. Google ignore duplicate content as google already have indexing of original content.

    If your blog no more running or not getting the traffic you can delete from that blog and submit as the guest post in a popular blog.
    Guest posting is one the method to increase traffic to your blog and increase your social network.

  • Rand Fishkin from MOZ has case studies and lot of tests on this scenario.

    Duplicate content penalty is a myth in SEO community that never dies. Don't be afraid of taking your own content elsewhere. Unless another site has that policy of not allowing duplicate content on their platform, you're fine on your own blog or website in that case. Almost every content syndication sites make use of content from each other. So don't worry about moving your own content from one source to another.

    Here's what you should do in this matter.

    1. Move your content from that specific site to your site in a gap few days. Keep some gap to let google crawl the new URLs.
    2. Make sure you remove the original source (URLs) of the article. Get them de-indexed by deleting from old source. The reason being Google always chooses content which is more aged for certain niche. Unless it's breaking news, other type of content usually gets preference if its there for longer duration with backlinks and social signals.
    3. After removing old source of the articles, make sure you submit your website again to google.
    4. Once Google bot crawls the new sources for this article. Your ranking will shuffle and you have to work harder to get the lost position in the search results.
    5. When you are moving such content to another site of yours, it helps if you add the video, audio or image content. This will add more authority to that content.
    6. Make sure new changes made in the article helps your article and retains readers for longer time on the page.
    7. Increase social signals by doing social media marketing and email marketing. Google bot can ignore SEO changes on such content but they can't ignore social signals for long.

    Try to get as many diverse sources of traffic as possible. This helps your content and in turn your website.

  • If that content in the website is ranking in a better position then it's better to redirect the post's which are ranking and are written by you to your new website and write a fresh article related to the same topic, you can write a similar article but make sure to change the first paragraph and do some editing.

    Even though the article is deleted but google has indexed though it will show 404 error but it's better to follow above steps to avoid the penalty in future. Submit your new website to google and wait for some days to index the article otherwise use the fetch option in google webmaster tools and check it.

    Check in some plagiarism checker tools and verify it. Share the new post in social networking and build some backlinks just to make sure the article is original and gain some trust.

  • If you are the original writer of those artices, then you own their copyrights too. Hence, you can post them wherever you want.

    First, you need to save them offline. Then delete them from the origina site. Wait until Google de-indexes them automatically, it may take few days or more. Otherwise, you can manually request the removal of those articles from Google index via Search Console (earlier Webmasters Tool). Once they are de-indexed, you can post them in any other site.

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