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  • How to get my PIN details in my Google AdSense?

    Do you know how to get your PIN details for your Google AdSense? Ask our technical experts.

    2 Month back I got a mail saying that Google has sent me the PIN via mail at my residence address. However, months passed but I have not received any PIN from Google AdSense. Now I have an issue, I have changed my City so address given to Google AdSense have to be changed. Now in this case how can I get my PIN to get my payment?

    Can anybody please guide me in this matter?
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  • Google sends you the PIN to verify your address so that there are no issues in the future with respect to the payments. There could be postal delays that can cause non-receipt of your PIN mailer.
    Please note that you need to wait for four weeks from the date of generation of your PIN. To check whether you are eligible to request for a new a new PIN, follow these steps -

    1. Log on to Google AdSense account.

    2. Click on Home if you are not already on it.

    3. Check Account Settings.

    You can request a new PIN since the threshold of four weeks has already passed. However, since your address has changed - you should first make updates to your address. Here is how you do it -

    1. Sign in to your Google AdSense account.

    2. Select the Gear icon and click on Payments.

    3. Click on Payee Profile on the left side menu.

    4. Click on Edit.

    5. Update the address by making suitable changes in the address fields.

    6. Click on Save.

    Now here is how you can request new PIN. Please make sure your new address has been updated before opting for requesting new PIN.

    1. Sign in to your AdSense account.

    2. Click on Gear icon and select Settings.

    3. Click on Account Information in the left side bar.

    4. Click on the Verify Address link.

    5. Click on the Request New PIN link. You should be able to locate it at the bottom of the page.

    Google will send you a new PIN. If the original PIN arrives before that, you can use the same. All the subsequent PINs are identical to the original one.
    Please note that you can request a PIN for three times. Each request can be placed after four weeks from the last request. If you do not receive the PIN even after three times, you can log in to your AdSense account to find a notice on how to send your official documents to verify your address. You will need to fill up a contact us form.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Your address is changed and if the PIN is sent to the old address then you have to do two things -

    1. Change your address in Google adsense account.
    2. Request for new PIN.

    Here are the instructions to change your current address to reflect into the new address. Make sure this time information is accurate.

    1. Login to your Google adsense account.
    2. Click on the gear icon.
    3. Go to settings option in the menu.
    4. Go to "Account information" section.
    5. Click on "Edit Address".
    6. Add your new address information.
    7. Save your changes.

    This change once reflected let's you request for the new PIN. You can follow the below instructions for requesting new PIN.

    1. Login to Google Adsense account.
    2. Click the gear icon.
    3. Select "Settings" from the option.
    4. In the sidebar, click "Account Information".
    5. Click the Verify address link.
    6. At the bottom of the page, you'd find click "Request new PIN".

    You'll find that Google sends you the new PIN on the address specified in the account. If you have done this for three times then your account may get limited due to PIN issue. In such case you'd find the information on what to do in this URL:

  • Hi,

    Google now has its center in Mumbai and they are sending PIN very quickly within 6 to 10 days. As you said your PIN was generated 2 months back then request it for the second time and don't change the address.

    Here is the solution, as you aren't receiving PIN, so it's better to verify by uploading aadhar card.

    Now change the address and update the address in Adsense with the address that you have in your Aadhar card.

    Follow these steps and change your address and make sure it is the same address as in your Aadhar card.

    Open your Google Adsense account.
    Go to settings option in the menu.
    Go to "Account information" section.
    Click on "Edit "
    Update all the information and save it.

    After 20 days, you will have the option to request PIN for the third time and then wait for more 15 days then you can verify your address with document verification.

    Download CS Scanner App on your mobile and take a picture of your Aadhar card using this app and upload this picture and click verify.

    You will get the reply from the team that your account is verified, this will take just a few hours.

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