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  • How to open recurring deposit in ICICI bank online?

    Want to know how to open a Recurring Deposit account in ICICI Bank online? Keep checking this Ask Expert thread to know from our experts.

    I would like to know the detailed steps to open recurring deposit in ICICI bank online. What is the procedure? Please tell me.
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  • Here are the steps involved in opening a Recurring Deposit account using your Online ICICI bank account -

    1. Log in to your Online ICICI net banking account.

    2. Locate the Open a Fixed Deposit / Recurring Deposit option on the left side bar of menus.

    3. Click on the link.

    4. This will take you to the Service Requests page. You may also reach this page by navigating through Service Requests section through My Accounts page.

    5. On the Service Requests page, click on Click Here.

    6. In the ensuing the list of requests, click on Open a Recurring Deposit.

    7. This will take you to the Request for Opening RD page. Select the account number from the drop down list from which you want the amount to be debited.

    8. The next page will take you to Recurring Deposit Request Form page. Enter the following details on the page
    • Amount of RD instalment
    • Tenure in years
    • Tenure in Months
    • Day of the month when instalment is to be debited
    • Mobile Number
    • Email ID.
    • Once all these details are filled, click on Submit.

      9. Next page will show you the details you have entered. Once you are satisfied with the details, enter your net banking password and click on OK.

      10. The next screen will give you the confirmation of your transaction. The confirmation screen will have the reference number of your transaction. Note it for your future reference.

      That is it! You have now opened an RD account online.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Login to you ICICI account

    Goto tab
    My account -> Deposit -> Recurring Deposit -> open now

    Here you see these details:

    Debit Account Number : From which saving or current account you want to pay installment automatically every month
    Amount of RD Installment : How much installment you want to save in every money
    Tenure of Deposit(Years) : For how many years you want to open RD
    Tenure of Deposit(Months) : For how many month you want to open RD
    Day of the month when installment to be debited : On which day of the month you want your installment auto debit.
    PAN (PAN is compulsory for FD requests of Rs.50,000/- and above)
    Mobile Number : Your personal contact number on which you get updates about your RD
    Email : Your personal Email on which you get updates about your RD

    Minimum RD tenure is 6 months
    Interest is different from small time to high time. you can check the interest rate using ICICI RD calculator. here is link

  • Here are the detailed steps to open the Recurring deposit in your ICICI bank account. If you are privilege account user then the links to specific page for RD and fixed deposit will be placed differently. Also you can customize entire dashboard as per your choice so links placement can be changed.

    1. Login to ICICI personal bank account.

    2. On top menu bar locate My Accounts > Deposits.

    3. On this page you'd get table that displays - Fixed deposit, iWish deposit and Recurring deposit deposit.

    4. Click on "Open now" button in front of "Recurring deposit".

    5. On next page you'll get form where you're supposed to enter RD amount, Years, Installment debit date, mobile number and email.

    6. Fill out the above information and agree to terms and condition.

    7. Confirm your actions in next page.

    8. Recurring deposit will be confirmed and processed on same day.

    9. You'll get documentation via courier if you have checked the option while filling out the form.

    Note : You can also have the quick navigation links under widget named "My shortcuts" for opening RD and Fixed deposit. Another way to access the recurring deposit is through the widget on the left hand sidebar that has tab called "Deposits". Here you choose "Recurring deposit" option. Your access to these options will be different based on the type of customer you're for bank. Privilege users get simple dashboard to quickly access most of the options as explained in above answer. If you have opened account under Jan Dhan Yojna then you're likely to have lack of such widgets and shortcuts options.

  • Go through the following steps to Open a Recurring Deposit account in ICICI Bank.

    1. Login to your personal bank account in the official site of ICICI Bank.

    2. You fill find "My Accounts" tab on the top Menu Bar. From there select the Tab "Deposits".

    3. After navigating to this page there will be a list of options containing- Fixed deposit, iWish deposit and Recurring deposit.

    4. After Selecting "Recurring deposit", Click on the "Open now" button.

    5. That will take you to the page where you have to fill up the form which would have fields like, RD amount, Years, Installment debit date, mobile number and email.

    6. After Filling them out you have to check the "I agree to the terms and conditions" option.

    7. They will ask for your Confirmation in the next page.

    8. Once you confirm, the Recurring deposit will be opened for you and you will be informed with a confirmation message and processing on the same day.

    9. You can opt to receive the documentation in paper through courier while filling out the form.

    10. You can go through the same process from the quick navigation links named "My shortcuts" to open a RD and Fixed deposit account.

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