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  • How to use fingerprint in Lenovo K4 Note?

    How to use fingerprint in Lenovo K4 Note? Ask our technical experts for the best answers.

    My friend has bought Lenovo K4 Note and has asked me to help him out. I would like to know how to use fingerprint in Lenovo K4 Note. What's the step by step procedure? Please guide me.
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  • Go to Setting -> Finger Print .
    It gives the warning click on okay.
    Then you have to set security password for phone.
    Select a pin as it only has numbers.
    After password Set up you will see on the screen an option to add your fingerprint.
    Then touch on the sensor for 10 times to set fingerprint details.
    That's It, Fingerprint security setup on your phone, you can also use your password to unlock Phone.

  • You will need to follow the below mentioned steps to use the fingerprint scanner on your Lenovo K4 Note -

    1. Go to Settings.

    2. Locate the optionFingerprint. You will find it under the System tab.

    3. Tap on Fingerprint.

    4. You will get a warning screen indicating that you are entering the Fingerprint setup.

    5. Click OK on it.

    6. Next screen will ask you to enter a password security. You may use either a Pattern or a PIN.

    7. Choose the one that you would treat suitable. I would suggest you to opt for PIN.

    8. In the next screen, enter the PIN of your choice and confirm.

    9. Next screen will take you to Fingerprint Setup.

    10. Tap on Add Fingerprint under the the Fingerprint setup screen.

    11. Next screen will let you register the fingerprint. Place your finger on the scanner and follow the instructions on screen.

    12. Once successful, you will get Fingerprint 1 registered message.

    13. Come back to the Fingerprint setup screen. You can rename the Fingerprint you just registered.

    14. On the same screen, toggle the Unlock Screen button to ON.

    Done! You have now successfully registered your fingerprint.
    You can add more fingerprints using the same steps.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • To add your finger print on your Lenovo K4 Note you have to follow these steps:
    1. Once you switch on your phone, you will have a list of icons, wherein there would be a "Finger print" icon.

    2. As an alternative you can also go to the "Settings" to get this Option.

    3. Click on the "Add Finger Print" Option.

    4. There is a hollow place to put your finger at the back side of your phone just below the camera.

    5. Keep placing your finger repeatedly till it shows it has scanned it 100%.

    6. Once it is over, you can keep adding fingerprints of 5 fingers or even fingers of your family members too, if you want them to access your phone.

    But before you go for adding the finger prints you need to set a 4 digit PIN to unlock your phone.

  • In order to use the Fingerprint option in Lenovo K4 Note you have to follow the below instructions.

    1. Turn on the phone and go to the Settings.
    2. In settings page you'd find "Fingerprint" under System option.
    3. Click on "Add Fingerprint" in the Fingerprint setup section.
    4. Place your finger under the scanner. (This is behind your phone under the camera).
    5. The setup will scan the finger and shows the progress accordingly.
    6. Once the fingerprint is scanned, you'll get the confirmation message.
    7. On this page you need to also set the Unlock Screen button to ON.
    8. You can add multiple fingers upto 5 into the system as an alternative.

    That's it. Your Lenovo K4 Note can recognize the fingerprint on your device and you can use that to lock and unlock phone.

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