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  • Some Basic Things And Tips About Blogging

    Are you looking for some basic tips about blogging? Here are our technical experts to guide you through.

    How to start blogging for earning money?
    Suggest some basic things to learn before starting blogging.
    Suggest some basic "to do" things for before starting blogging.
    What are the best way to earn money via Ad sense or other Affiliate Marketing ?
    Pros and Cons of both Ad sense and Affiliate Marketing.
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  • Hello Shantanu,

    Before starting Blogging you need to select your topic and audience. You need to decide in which area or topic you want to write. if you are writing on a different topic your audience or visitor will not return to your blog. on the other hand, Google SEO will not improve your indexing and ranking on search engine.

    So, the first step is to choose your interested area to write.

    The second thing you want to earn money from the blog. Making money from a blog is a lengthy process, you will not earn money overnight from blogging. You need good theme and layout so that you blog looks neat and clean. You need at least more than 10 quality articles that is unique from another blog. After this, you can apply for the Adsense from It will take 7 days to 3 months to verify your blog from Google Experts, All depend on how your blog looks.

    So. Secondly, You need good design and quality article to apply for an Adsense.

    The third step you need to decide platform on which you want to blog. I recommend WordPress, Which is the best Blogging platform now available for every user, yes, it can be used by the non-technical user. No programming skill needed. A bunch of plugins available to improve performance and SEO. If you have any query, A Large number of community available for support.

    So, Third is to choose the best platform that is best familiar for you.

    The last I suggest is start with Adsense because Affiliate marketing is possible when you have a lot of traffic on you blog.

    So, the main thing is to focus on learning and write on what you love. Don't think for earning part. you will automatically start earning if your blog has more traffic.

    Happy Blogging

  • Let's answer your questions regarding blogging.

    1. In order to blog for money, you have to first start blogging. And to make money you need specific niche under which you need to blog. So if you're a foodie blogger then you can make money by guest posting, content writing, displaying affiliate ads and also by posting sponsored content. So it all starts from you creating content on regular basis on your own blog or any other platform.

    2. Before you start, you need to learn how to write content that convinces people. Also your writing must include either image, video and audio. Once you get good at the writing blog posts you also need to understand few technical terms such as CMS (primarily you'd work on WordPress or Joomla). So you need to have some knowledge of those CMS. Apart from that little knowledge of SEO and Social media definitely helps.

    3. Before you start blogging here are some of the things to do. First thing to do is - choose a niche that has enough competition and advertisers to make you money. For example, photography niche has both advertisers as well as customers to click on affiliate links and buy products or click on ads. If you choose the wrong niche such as information on how to recharge your mobile or how to recharge TV subscription, you won't be making much money. Second is the name. your blog needs to have catchy and easy to remember name. If you get enough traffic then you can buy the domain too. But not required in the initial blogging phase. Third thing, titles of your blog post. They are the one that brings the traffic to your blog. Fourth thing is promotion, you have to promote content on social media and other sources such as mobile and emails. These are the things you need to know before and after you start the blog.

    4. There is no best way with adsense. With adblockers around, the earning from adsense is reducing every day. So as long as you are writing content on topics that gets you clicks, you should continue. Adsense earning requires some specific strategy though. For example, placement of the ads, traffic and the users from specific nations that have better CPC and CPM value. That's what decides the earning from the adsense ads. In case of amazon, flipkart and other affiliate links, your content decides the earnings. Your copywriting skills will have more conversions with affiliate marketing articles. It takes time for affiliate marketing to work but once it starts, you'll find the conversion revenue that earns more than adsense or any other sponsored ads.

    Pros of Adsense -

    1. CPC value is high for some specific niche.
    2. Passive earning if you have lot of content.

    Cons of Adsense -
    1. Adblocker is reducing revenue each year.
    2. SEO and SMO changes can affect the revenue at any time of day or month.

    Pros of Affiliate Marketing -
    1. More revenue depending on the product promoted.
    2. Passive earning if you are producing multiple niche sites and generating content.
    3. It can be used to bypass adblocker as the links can be attached to keyword instead of javascript doing this for you.

    Cons of Affiliate Marketing -
    1. Requires hard work for content and traffic.
    2. Success ratio can be low for some niche and affected by competition.
    3. Requires more time to generate revenue.

    Both of these sources requires work and can go down if the SEO and SMO efforts don't pay off. Also with adblocker changes, it becomes harder to make money in a passive way.

  • Well, blogging is not something that comes easily to everybody.

    1. You will not be able to begin earning just by starting to blog. You need to choose a niche that you are comfortable with. In addition to that, be sure to check if the niche you choose is capable of bringing enough traffic to your site.
    Create content on a regular basis. Though there are many ways to improve your blog visibility, you should always understand the need for quality of your content. "Content is the King" goes an old saying and that holds true even today.

    2. There isn't something you learn "BEFORE" or "AFTER" starting a blog. Always remember to use enough images and video links in your content. But remember not to overdo it. Check out if you can handle sponsored posts. Those would help you get more earning than the traditional methods.
    Do not undermine the importance of social media. You need not be an expert in SEO to begin with. Once you are into the field, you will understand the concepts one by one and make use of those techniques in your blog. Share your posts across on as many of your social profiles as you can.
    Give a proper title to your blog posts. The titles should be such that they can attract enough traffic.

    3. There aren't many tips involved in making your blog a success. In my view, it is definitely the content that rules. Longer content still pays as it used to before. But, avoid being repetitive just for the sake of being longer. Use a good amount of keywords, especially in the summary of your blog. The search engines normally pick up the first few sentences as the summary of your article. Make sure you have enough and right keywords used in the summary. Stay away from overuse of the keywords, though.
    Promote your blog. Apart from making use of social media, you may also consider opting for paid advertising. I would advice you not to opt for paid advertising if you still building the blog. Wait till it stabilises a little. Integrating Google Plus with your blog can have you get good results. Such integration will help you get noticed by the visitors.

    4. Well, it would be advisable to opt for the best of both worlds. Depending too much either on AdSense or Affiliate marketing alone may not be a good idea. The good part is that both the options can be used simultaneously on your blog. Using affiliate ads along with AdSense does not violate Google policies. Actually, the real money is with the affiliate marketing.
    Affiliate Marketing is easier to get into. Getting an approved AdSense account is not that easy, even if you have an established blog. You get more money with an affiliate marketing than AdSense. Affiliate marketing can be used in any niche, while AdSense is not applicable for a certain niche.
    However, there are some issues associated with Affiliate programs. You cannot be sure of a streamlined income or an assured income in case of affiliate marketing. Google, on the other hand, provides you with a recurring income. While AdSense is managed by Google alone, there are a few affiliate programs launched by small and large organisations. It would be advisable to have a proper combination of both the options in a well organised manner.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • If you want to start blogging just for earning then you might just waste your time trying doing it. Though everyone starts blogging for earnings but earning must not be your primary goal. Just start out with the topics you are interested in and the topic you love and make sure to go through the basics of blogging by doing so. I said topics you love and passionate about it may be sports, tech, food etc because in learning phase you may have high chances to quit, so choose the topic which you are interested in.

    After that, you can just explore the blogging world and learn all the things then you will find ways to earn money through it. It may be event blogs or micro niche or anything. It may be from Adsense or affiliate marketing or sponsored posts or product reviews.

    Things to learn are followed some native blogs like shoutmeloud, bloggingcage etc and learn all the basic things on how google search works and how to optimize for it. Learn SEO from youtube tutorials and clear your queries through Google and join relative FB groups and increase your network.

    Start out with blogger which is free, all you need to do is buy a domain which costs you around 125 Rs and then start blogging and tweaking with it. you can follow website for all the queries related to blogger.

    The best way to earn is by using your brain and experimenting with it. It may be Adsense or affiliate marketing just follow the basics and experiment with it .

    Pros of Adsense -

    1. It will be your constant income source in the long run.
    2. CPC ( Cost per click) it may do wonders some days like you wake up and see 70$ just for one click.
    3. You will receive the amount by month end of every month. ( if it crosses 100$ ), its much like a salary for a job.

    Cons of Adsense -
    1. Google can disable your account anytime without any reason.
    2. Due to excessive usage of adblockers revenue might decrease.
    3. CPC can also be decreased some days, you can see 0.01 also.

    Pros of Affiliate Marketing -
    1. Income will be high and that too in short time span.
    2. If you have multiple sources then it may sum up and can encounter the deficit product returns.
    3. All you need to do is just post your affiliate link.

    Cons of Affiliate Marketing -
    1. Lots of terms and conditions to follow and if you violate any one of them, your account will be banned and earnings will be lost.
    2. Takes almost 3 months at least to see your earnings in your bank account. If you make a sale in march, you will get the earnings for march month ni May or June.
    3. High competition. ( which depends on product you promote)

    Though nothing is easy, you can master it by experimenting and constantly learning through it and investing in it.

  • Here are the steps you will have to go through to earn by blogging:

    Setting Up the blog
    You can start with free platforms like Blogger from Google . Creating website on such platforms is very easy and does not require any technical knowledge.

    Promoting Your Blog
    Many people do not realize that marketing and advertising a web business is harder than marketing a regular physical business. You need to remember that the online world is vast and in some ways it happens to be bigger than the real world market. There are billions upon billions of Internet pages on the Internet, and every single one is usually trying to sell something in an attempt to make money. So to get your Internet site or web page seen out of all those other pages you will need to promote your site.

    Pros and Cons of both Ad sense and Affiliate Marketing.
    In affiliate marketing, you will have to sell products or services for others and you get a commission per sale. It involves more expenses like setting up sales page, expense on capturing leads. Adsense on other hand is free to join and all you have to do is to add good content on your website.

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