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  • Does Samsung Galaxy J5 support OTG cable?

    Does Samsung Galaxy J5 support OTG cable? Ask our technical experts to know the correct answer.

    I would like to know if Samsung Galaxy J5 supports OTG cable or not. I would like to know about it. Please tell me about Samsung Galaxy J5 OTG support.
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  • Yes, the Samsung Galaxy J5 phone model does support OTG cable. It has the microUSB v2.0 connectivity. So you can now easily connect it with your desktop, laptop and at the same time charge the device with the same cable. But before you perform the transferring tasks, check out the supported formats of your device and in case things differ, you need to change the format beforehand.

  • Yes, in tune with the most of the phones being made available these days, you do have the USB OTG functionality on the Samsung Galaxy J5. You can connect your external hard drives to the phone and the view the files stored on those drives on your device. Please note that the file system compatibility between your phone and that on the external drives. If the file format system on your drive is not supported by the phone, you may have to format your external drive to the supported format. Kindly ensure that you have backed up the data before doing so.
    Also, it should be noted that the sales package does not include USB OTG cable. You will need to buy it as a separate accessory. Also note that the USB Cable provided with the device cannot be used for the purpose of OTG. USB OTG refers to using your phone as a host to view the file on source drives, while USB cable will let you view the content on your phone on a host like a PC or laptop.

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  • Samsung Galaxy J5 supports microUSB v2.0 and OTG standard. So it does support the OTG cable with it's device design. However the package doesn't come up with adapter that has detachable OTG USB. So you have to get the external cable for the USB OTG. Without PC suite the OTG USB will open the device in file transfer mode.

  • Yes,Samsung Galaxy J5 supports OTG cable.This model has microUSB v2.0 connectivity.
    You can connect external hard disks, pen drives, card reader, mouse keyboard via otg cable.
    You have to go file manager to manage all files from external devices connected via otg cable.

  • Yes, off course the Samsung Galaxy J5 does supports the OTG cable connectivity. The users can easily get an OTG cable and connect their external USB drive to their Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphone.


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