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  • Does Moto G4 Plus support OTG cable?

    Does Moto G4 Plus support OTG cable? Ask our technical experts.

    I would like to know if the newly launched smartphone Moto G4 Plus supports OTG cable or not. Please let me know.
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  • Moto G4 Plus supports microUSB v2.0 and USB OTG standard. So the device does support the OTG cable. You can use this cable for both charging as well as file transfer. There is one catch though. Moto doesn't offer detachable USB charger adapter cable. So you have to purchase different USB OTG cable for the connectivity purpose.

  • The Moto G4 Plus does offer you a USB OTG functionality. You can easily connect your external drives to your device and view the files stored on them on your phone. In other words, the phone works as a host to your external drives. However, take care to check whether the file format on your drives is supported by the phone. In cases of file format incompatibility, you may need to format your drive to the supported format. Ensure you have taken a back up of your important files before formatting the drive.

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  • Yes, the latest Moto G4 Plus comes with OTG Cable support. So you can now access your external hard disks and your computer directly with ease. You would be now browse through these devices and transfer files to and fro.
    Make sure you check the supported file formats of your phone before performing the transfer tasks and if required change the formats into those which are accepted by your phone.

  • Yes,Moto G4 does support OTG feature.
    You can connect external hard drive,otg pendrive,otg cardreader to transfer data,also you can connect mouse and keyboard via otg cable.

  • Yes, the Moto G4 Plus does supports the OTG cable connectivity. The users of Moto G4 Plus can easily connect their external USB drive to their Moto G4 Plus via an OTG cable and can explore the data on their USB drive to their smartphone.


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