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  • What is the difference between B2B and B2C

    Do you know what is the difference between B2B and B2C? ask our technical experts to know more about them.

    There are many news online and offline about B2B and B2C business and announcement? What is actually B2B and B2C? What is the difference between B2B and B2C? What is the procedure among them? How they work for the business? Is there any future from those business? Kindly elaborate on this.
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  • B2B and B2C are two different forms of commercial business transactions. B2B, stands for business-to-business transaction, also known as e-biz, is a process where the selling of products or services is done to other businesses. On the other hand B2C, stands for business-to-consumer interaction, which is a process of selling products directly to the consumers.

    B2B E-commerce
    In B2B one is free to use a website-based business system to sell out low-value products to the business customers and can receive payments along with orders. But, B2B transactions generally involve a more complex system of business than B2C. The system here has to be capable of accepting orders through a range of different formats like documents, email, or electronic orders. It needs to integrate the system of order capture along with other administrative systems that include customer records, invoicing and accounting.

    B2C E-commerce
    B2C and B2B even differentiate in the respect of electronic commerce. In B2C e-commerce, the process for selling products is direct where the products are sold to consumers through a website. In B2C e-commerce, the Consumers would search for a product information from the pages of a website, select the products and then pay for them before delivery at the point of checkout, using either a credit or debit card, internet banking or other electronic payment mechanisms. In this case the Consumers need to enter their address details and then select one of the delivery options that has been offered in the site. The B2C business system is comparatively simpler than that of B2B. All you need to have is a method of displaying products and prices on the website, create a system for recording the customer details, and also a payment gateway to accept the payment from the customers.

  • Different Marketing strategy

    Marketing to a B2C you need to focus on the Intrest of customer, Market status, competitors, Benefits, Price of the product.

    Marketing to a B2B you need to focus on the Features, Cost of production, Logic, Resources of the product.

    Different selling strategy

    You can successfully get a sale from a customer after only one introduction or advertise. if your brand is successful then you not need to advertise more.

    B2B include fulfilling long-term goals, buying cycle is much longer, so the social media strategy needs to be more in depth.

    B2C consumer purchasing your brand isn't necessarily looking to build a close relationship with you. if market introduces more effective and less cost product then they forgot you brand.

    B2B Companies wants to build a close relationship with your brands for long-term goals because it is long process included in the brand building.

  • B2B and B2C are two different strategies of business transactions. The B2B and B2C are the abbreviated forms of the transaction methods.

    B2B transactions
    B2B stands for Business to Business. Here one business sells products and services to other businesses. Office furniture manufacturers, ad agencies and hosting services come under this category. The decision making involves several stages before striking the deal. However, the deals once struck stay for a longer time. The advertising is done using the options that a business will notice. Ads on TV or news magazines will serve no purpose here.
    You will use technical jargon fluently in B2B marketing. The driving force for the successful B2B marketing lies in expertise in the field. Mere face value may not be sufficient here.
    The B2B marketing strategy needs you to be able to provide more concise details about the products and services.

    B2C transactions
    This stands for Business to Customer. Retail stores and House cleaning services are some examples of the B2C marketing. The sales duration stays shorter in B2C. The emotional part plays a major role in B2C marketing strategy. I like a mobile device and I visit a store and buy it. The advertising is through news magazines and TV ads.
    The language used in the B2C needs to be simpler. Having many technical words can go unnoticed by an average customer. Emotional triggers are more important in B2C.
    The details provided need not be more specific to service. Emotional content would be more than enough.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • B2B and B2C are business jargon or say technical terms used in among the business to differentiate the type of business under operation.

    B2C (Business to Consumer) : Think of this business that directly deals with the customer. So you have grocery store, pharmacy store and other stores into this category. In such type of business, the customer buys the product and the profit is based on the margin on the product sold. So this type of business is harder to establish but once set it can generate regular revenue stream. Also this type of business requires the products and services from the other business so they are dependent on bigger business for their functionality.

    B2B (Business to Business): This type of business does the transactions with another business. They are often the one supplying the products and services based on which other business do the sales. So think of these business as wholesalers, product creators and service creators. These business are dependent on small business, franchise to survive. That's how they sell the products to the normal consumers. They also maintain their own sales channel but the growth is often due to franchise and small business who sell their products.

    Difference between two business are in their method of operation. One depends on another for the profit generation and another depends for sales of it's goods and make profit in the process. Be it online or offline business the mode of operation for both these business remains the same. Also do note that due to the online shopping and services, the B2B and also getting into B2C and making the profit by reaching customers directly.

    You can get the idea for the cashflow if you understand how the business makes money in this process. Both these two types of business have future. Depending on the products in demand decides the future of the business. Though online stores have more future, but the offline business for production and distribution can't be ignored.

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