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  • What should be the name of Android N?

    What should be the name of Android N? Ask our technical experts to come up with their best suggestions.

    Google CEO Sundar Pichai announce online poll for deciding the name of Android N.' target='_blank'.This website allows anyone to participate and suggest a name for Android N, till 12:29 pm June 9.
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  • A possible name that comes to mind is Android Nutella. Though the site mentioned has been requesting for the names the next iteration of Android, I do not think those suggestions will make it to the final. After all, it is a business decision and there are many factors involved in the final decision. A few possible names could be

    Unlike Nutella, it is not a brand name. We may see the name becoming a reality.

    Google has been in association with Nestle before with the KitKat. A new association cannot be ruled out. But, will it be in tune with the nomenclature with desserts?

    Nan Katai
    Being an Indian, I would love to see that name. Though it is a rare possibility, it will indeed make the humble rural Indian dish a big name. With an Indian at the helm of affairs at Google, will it be a reality?

    New York Cheesecake
    This again is another name that has been doing the rounds. But it would be a big question whether Google will be ready for such huge name.

    Besides, the Google Opinion Rewards App lists Napoleon, Nut Brittle, Nachos, Nori, Noodles, Nougat, and Neapolitan Ice Cream as options and wants you to vote for your favourite. Since Nachos, Nori, and Noodles are not desserts - we may need to drop them. Other names have a good chance of making it to the list.

    Looking at the hints available over the different forums and some authority sites, it could either be Nutella or Nougat that may gain the final affirmation.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • I have gone through some of the Android forums and found that the name "Nougat" is taking lead. However there are also rumors that the Indian dessert is likely to have it's name in next few releases. It could be that N or perhaps the O and S may have the Indian name. But based on the speculations and posts from the people on twitter and on quora. I think Nougat is likely to have preference by developers.

    Here are some of my speculations.

    1. Namagashi - This is one of the popular dessert from Japan used during the tea ceremony. Though it is not popular among the westerns so it is less likely to have much voting. Only Japanese will push for this name though.

    2. Neenish tart : This is Australian dessert. It is not popular outside Australia much. I have noticed few British and Australians vouching for this name.

    3. Nonnevotb>: This is one of the old sweet from the Netherland. It is not famous as waffles but it has it's some of the popularity among northern islands and Europe.

    4. Nanaimo: Originally from Canada, the dish is similar to ice cream sandwich but it is more of a bar than sandwich. So not sure if this name will be picked up. But it looks catchy and may get picked.

    These are some of the name I have managed to pull out. Though among Indians, the name "Nan katai" is being vouched for and it'd be good to see this name.

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