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  • What are the Top Google I/O 2016 Announcements?

    Are you keen to know What were the Top Google I/O 2016 Announcements? Ask our technical experts for the right set of information.

    Every year Google hosts a 2 to 3-day long event to bring software developers from all around the world under one roof and discuss everything Google.

    The highly tech-concentrated event also elaborates more on Google's products like the Maps, Search, Mobile and Chrome OS and Web APIs etc.

    The conference is held in the bay area every year and features exclusive talks and discussions about building mobile apps, software, web and enterprise applications with Google.

    So What are the Top Google I/O 2016 Announcements ?
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  • Here are some of the new announcement made in the Google I/O.

    1. Allo app : Google did the preview of it's encryption supported messenger app. It'll tie the user to it's ecosystem and also let user have more control over it's contacts. Unlike Whatsapp, the messaging here have the incognito mode. Also the message are likely to have expiry time. It is likely to compete with messengers such as Telegram and Whatsapp. It also has virtual assistant integrated into the chat. Also the emoji and the stickers are more advanced in the app.

    2. Duo App: Google's answer to the face-time app. It offers high quality one to one video messaging. Currently the features are similar to the face-time. It seems in future the Duo may get integrated with the Google hangouts or vice versa. As of now the app is far from mature on the feature front. And it is only limited for the communication in between contacts. Currently the app is only limited to the mobile. There is no tablet support as of yet as it ties itself with the SIM card contacts.

    3. Google Home : Think of google home as Amazon Echo's competitor. It is not only just assistant for you at home. It also does the job of additional speaker for your entertainment. Currently it supports number of commands and the execution tasks. I'd say it can be really good option for doing google search, set reminders and use other google apps all through voice. However like Echo, it may have more feature and the options in near future.

    4. Google Assistant: The presentation showed a lot of changes and improvements done to the google assistant. It is integrated in core android as well as on some apps like Allo. You can use this assistant for the google search and other options. Sundar pichai also showed the suggestion algorithm in demo. How it learns the user responses and how it suggests the options based on that.

    5. Android N The upcoming OS update has plenty of changes and improvements. Some of the improvements include - split screen multi tasking, quick access to settings. battery support improvements and new set of emojis. N is also likely to have better support for the phone's built in GPU and it can play the games and graphics based apps more responsively. No specific name was specified for Android N as of yet and it may be released in few weeks after the result of the naming contest.

    6. Android Auto: Earlier demo of the auto showed the car to require the specific screen for the auto app support. However the Google is releasing the app for both phone and tablet users after the end of beta testing period. It showed the demo on tablet interface during the IO conference.

    7. Android Wear 2.0: The focus of the demo for the wear 2.0 was to show the wears are relying less on the smartphone. It can recognize the exercise and the other settings quickly. Also the demo of QWERTY keyboard was shown. Compared to earlier demo, this one has managed to show some fine improvements on wear 2.0. In comparison with apple watch, the Android wear 2.0 shows much better control over features.

    8. Instant Apps: Many users want to know how app looks and works before installing them. So App trial feature makes it easy for the users to try the features before installing. This API has yet to update all the apps in the store. However in future you may find that some of the core google apps will offers support for the trial.

    9.Google's Daydream platform: This platform is directly in competition with the Vive and Rift. So it is likely to have entire Android platform connected here to get the most benefits. This mobile virtual reality platform will be out for both VR wear as well as for the TV and other devices. Currently it has managed to get the most of the popular apps and services on the platform. Soon it'll open up lot of third party apps and services integrated in it.

    10. VR headset: To compete with the HTC Vive and Occulus Rift, google is coming up with the VR headset in near future. There were some demo of such headset shown in the conference. Though it is unclear if google is going in production with these sets. However that will be revealed in the upcoming months.

    These are some of the short bits out of I/O 2016 by Google. In coming months, there are going to be a lot of announcement on both official and unofficial channels regarding Android N and other Google ecosystem.

  • Google made quite a lot of announcements at the just concluded Google I/O 2016 event. A few of the announcements include -

    #1. Google Assistant
    Siri and Cortana are getting a bigger competition. Google has planned a two-way communication with Google Assistant. It will move beyond phones. The assistant will be available on cars, computers, laptops, wearable devices and everywhere. The new assistant will understand your queries based on the context. It is expected to automate most of the processes. Google has planned some huge changes for its Assistant. It is expected to be the practical AI in your phone.

    #2. Google Home
    This is the intelligent speaker from Google. It is equipped with far-field voice recognition. Thus, Google Home will not have trouble picking up what you say. It is integrated with Google Assistant. It can also work as a WiFi speaker so that you can enjoy the music and stream media from the cloud. The speaker supports Google Cast and so can combine with multi-room Google Cast speakers. It will come in different colours and options. With no buttons, you can customise better. Designed to be a competitor to Amazon Echo,

    #3. Google Allo
    Here comes a new messaging app from Google. Google Allo is based on your mobile number just like WhatsApp. The messaging app has a self-learning technology. It will keep learning your pattern and thus get better by each passing day. Google Allo is quite smarter with what it does because it lets you add emotions to your messages. The app has an Ink feature where you can draw things on your photos. You can also add emoticons to it. And again, Google will integrate Google Assistant into it. You can call in Assistant just by typing in @google and then your topic. The app can also run in Incognito mode and thus can be helpful for the private conversations.

    #4. Google Duo
    One more messaging app from Google takes care of your video calling needs. No more dependence on Skype. Working as a companion of Google Allo, the video calling app will be launched for both Android and iOS. The app will let you get the video feed of the caller even before you pick up the call. The feature is named as Knock Knock. It has been promised to work at slow connection speeds.

    #5. Android N
    Well, no Google I/O event will be complete without the announcement of next iteration of Android operating system. Android N will receive runtime performance and graphics related improvements. It is also claimed to have better multitasking. The preview is already on.

    #6. Google DayDream
    DayDream is the new Google VR that works with Android N. It will bring up the whole Google ecosystem into the VR environment. The service is comparable to Oculus Rift. There are a few DayDream based devices later in this year. There were no actual devices on display at the Google I/O event.

    #7. Android Wear 2.0
    The new version of wearable is coming up. Android Wear 2.0 will be open as a preview to developers. There are a few improvements suggested like improved handwriting. Google Fitness is getting a big update.

    #8. Instant Apps
    This is the new development. You can now access an app without the need to download it. You may expect it roll put first for the Google apps as of now. It is currently in preview mode and will be launched soon.

    #9. Android Auto
    The Waze tracking app is making an appearance on Android Auto. The Auto app can be controlled via WiFi. Earlier it could only be controlled by USB. Android N will have some additional features for the drivers.

    #10. Google VR Headset
    Unfortunately, there is no announcement of any VR headset at the I/O event. However, there is a planned future ahead. A reference design was showcased at the event. It important to note here that Google will not manufacture any headset, but the approach will be similar to the development of Android. Google will provide the platform while manufacturers will be given the directions and guidelines. Thus, we can soon expect VR headsets from manufacturers like Samsung and HTC.

    Those were a few important announcement from the Google I/O 2016. Missing from the scene were the announcement of Chrome OS, Announcement of the merger of Android and Chrome OS. Also conspicuous by its absence was lack of announcements in connection with self-driven cars. Incidentally, it has been one of the major projects Google has been working on since the last couple of yeards.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Android N

    Android N have lot of new features like
    Multitasking - previously available in some phone like Samsung grand and now it will available for all android N users.
    Notifications - All new notification have smaller icon to use more widgets and space effectively
    New emoji - more inbuilt emojis
    Virtual reality - it is immersive multimedia

    VR platform - Virtual reality

    Daydream VR headset is a platform that will be available with Google Android N. All application of Google like Youtube, maps, etc will available for Daydream Platform. previously virtual realities are displayed only on a computer or with a special virtual reality headset, but now it will available with a mobile headset.

    Project Tango

    it is a technique that detects the position of the mobile device without using GPS or other signals. Google and Lenovo partners are working together for this project.

    Google Auto/ Self-driving cars

    Google Auto is working on self driving cars since 2011. Google is working with Fiat Automobile to create this project, News says that Fiat self driving car will available in 2017.

    Messaging Apps

    Allo - it has features called Google Assistant. Google User can now ask a question to mobile and this app gives users relevant answer, just like Siri in iPhone.
    Duo - video chatting like Apple's FaceTime.
    Both cool features of iOS will now available in Android.

    Instant Apps

    Users can now use the application without downloading them. it will open in browser with great material design just like android app.

    Google Play - Google play store will available in chrome OS

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