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  • How to hard reset Nokia 105 ?

    Do you know how to hard reset Nokia 105? If not, ask our technical experts for the best guiding steps.

    I would like to know the complete detailed step by step procedure to hard reset Nokia 105. Please tell me.
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  • Follow the below mentioned steps to hard reset your Nokia 105.

    1. Make sure your device is switched ON.

    2. Find Settings under menu.

    3. Select and confirm Restore Factory Settings.

    4. You will be asked to enter security code. Enter 12345 if you have not changed the code. You will need to enter your code if it has been changed.

    Done! Your device will reboot and will be reset to factory settings.

    Please note that hard reset will erase all the data from your device. Ensure you have taken a backup before proceeding with the steps outlined above.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Nokia 105 has the hard reset option accessible from the menu option. In order to hard reset your device follow the procedure below.

    1. Turn on your phone.
    2. Go to Menu> Settings.
    3. Go to "Restore Factory Settings".
    4. On screen that demands the security code, type 12345.
    5. Press ok.

    This hard reset takes few seconds to a minute to wipe out any data on the internal memory. The phone resets it's configuration back to the factory settings.

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