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    Does Micromax Canvas Evok support OTG cable?

    Are you keen to know if Micromax Canvas Evok supports OTG cable? Ask our technical experts for the right answer.

    Micromax Canvas Evok is a newly launched smartphone available on Flipkart. I would like to know if Micromax Canvas Evok supports OTG cable or not. Please tell me.
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  • Yes, Micromax Canvas Evok has support for USB OTG functionality. The device comes with USB 2.0 interface along with USB OTG. You can connect your external hard drives to the Micromax Canvas Evok and view the files saved on those drives on your phone. Please ensure the file format compatibility on your drive with that supported by your phone. If it is not compatible, you may need to format the external drive to the format supported by your device. Take care to take a back up of the contents on the drive before formatting.

    Kindly note that the USB OTG cable may not be available as part of the sales package. You will need to purchase the cable as a separate accessory.

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  • Micromax Canvas Evok supports USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 experimental support. So the support for the USB on the go feature is by default added into the device.

    As per the device unboxing videos on YouTube the charger is provided. Also this cable used for the charger is detachable from the connector. So you can use the same USB cable for the file transfer in between PC and the phone. You can also use the external USB2.0 connectivity cable if you wish. However as the charging wire being detachable makes any additional purchase of the cable redundant.

    Note to editors: USB OTG stands for on the go, the cable for OTG is with USB 2.0 standard with specific pin set which is why it can be called as USB OTG cable. This is the same cable that is used for both charging as well as for file transfer. No confusion in my answer on this part.

  • Yes, it supports OTG.
    Because is has higher Power battery of 3000 Mah.
    But you have to purchase OTG cable Micromax will not give you that OTG cable as all other company also not provide that.
    You can review this device on this link.

  • I would wish to differ from one of the responses above. The USB cable provided with the charger on the device cannot act as a USB OTG cable. For the USB OTG functionality to work, the phone needs to work as a host. A normal USB function will let you connect your phone to the PC and access the files from your phone on your PC. The USB OTG functionality on the other hand will let you access the files from an external hard drive on your phone. That is exactly what we mean by USB OTG support.
    From that point of view, the device in question will need a separate OTG cable to work. It should also made clear here that all devices with USB 2.0 support not necessarily support USB OTG.

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  • Yes, for sure, the Micromax Canvas Evok does supports the OTG cable connectivity. The users can easily get an OTG cable and connect their external USB drive to their Micromax Canvas Evok smartphone and can explore the data on their USB drive to their smartphone.


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