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  • Where to find Hindi pdf books online

    Are you looking for Hindi pdf books online? Ask our experts for the correct suggestions.

    I want to read books written by Khuswant Singh. Where I can find them and download?
    Also suggest me a link for book 'Bhang Ki Pakodi by Mastram'.
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  • Here are some of the places from where you can order the paperback book or download the kindle edition eBook.

    1. Amazon: They have almost every title by the Khushwant Singh. In both kindle and paperback format. You can check author page here:

    2. Flipkart : You can get the paperback version of the khushwant singh's books here.

    3. PenguinIndia: You can find the limited catalog to order here:

    Unfortunately I could not find the second book that you were searching for. There seems to be no catalog on amazon and flipkart with that book name.

  • You have quite many sources to get Hindi PDF books. Some of them are listed below -

    1. Bookstruck
    This is a bookstall available online. You can find a huge list of Hindi books on it. The best part with it is the variety you can find in terms of categories and genres.

    2. hindiebooks
    This is yet another good source for Hindi PDF books. It has almost all top Hindi writers in its collection. The books are free of cost. Visit for more info.

    3. DailyHunt
    DailyHunt, previously called NewsHunt has an interesting collection of books in Indian languages. The service has a website as well as a mobile app. The store offers books both in free and paid categories.

    The site can be accessed by visiting the link The site lists a lot of books in Hindi.

    If you are specifically interested in the books authored by Khushwant Singh, you may check out Flipkart, or Amazon.

    The site lists a lot of books authored by the renowned writer. You can access it by visiting the specific section at I could find that the books are priced competitively. But, I do not think you can get any books in PDF form over there.
    Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are many sources to get the ebooks. Rather than going by the book store, I would advice you to search based on your choice of books. Exactly the way we choose an online store when we need to purchase a gadget.

    As for the book Bhaang Ki Pakodi mentioned by you, I could not locate any source for the same.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • This is a list of link of different sites from which you can download hindi books pdf :




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