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  • How to implement responsive ad units to my adsense?

    Are you looking for ways and means to implement responsive ad units to your AdSense account? Ask our technical experts for the best advice.

    I was getting a suggestion to add responsive ad units to my adsense and at that time I skipped it. Now I want to test it out but not sure how to do it. I dont have a personal site or blog. I have published my ads with revenue sharing site like

    How can I implement this responsive ads units to my AdSense? Now I see an option to add page level ads too but I am having the same doubt about how to do it for revenue sharing sites.

    I tried adding #googleads at the end of the URL and didn't see any change. Please help me out.
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  • Here are the answer to your questions.

    1. Testing Page level ads I'd suggest getting your own personal blog. This way you can test out your own ads for responsive units or the page level ads. The new ads related to mobile display are yet to be implemented in IndiaStudychannel. Code for the page level ads is different from the current published revenue sharing code.

    2. Enable Page Level ads In case of page level ads you have two option : Anchor/overlay ads and Vignette ads. You can enable the page level ads by going to : My Ads -> Content -> Page- Level Ads. Do note that if you create new ad code then you'd need your own blog or website to place this code. Indiastudychannel or techulator doesn't allow you to use this code here. In future the page level ads may appear here till then your best option is to do it on your own blog.

    3. Responsive Ad Units on Revenue Sharing Sites: Revenue sharing sites doesn't allow you any customization. So they have to make sure they have their own responsive code. And only your Adsense ID is swapped during the specific revenue sharing period. So this way you are not in control of whether to implement the responsive ad units on those sites. You can only do this on your own site.

    In future if the revenue sharing is allowed for those ads on ISC and Techulator, then you may get a chance to test them. As of now they are yet to be enabled on these two sites.

  • In revenue sharing sites like techulator and Indiastudychannel , you cannot do anything about the ads which display, as the control will be under site administration.

    You can add it to your blog/website, just go to Adsense dashboard and go to my ads and select responsive in that and you can see all the category regarding responsive ads. Select responsive ads and add the code, as Google as taken mobile responsiveness to algorithm very seriously its better to add that.

    Coming to page level ads, it's just like adding a code ( similar to Google analytics code ) , add this code and don't check by adding #googleads at the end, open your site in mobile and surf through it and check whether both page level ads are showing up.

    Your CTR may go to 1000-2000 after adding page level ads its just a glitch, Adsense page views aren't updating with page level ads, it will take time.

  • Responsive ad units are meant to support a wider range of devices. They are called responsive because of their ability to fit to the page layout automatically adapting to the size of your screen.

    Follow these steps to add a responsive ad unit -

    1. First of all generate an Ad Code. You can create an Ad Code just like you would create one usual way.

    2. Make sure you have selected Responsive in the drop down list under the Ad Size.

    3. Click on Save and Get Code.

    Now, copy the code and paste it in the HTML editor of your blog/site depending upon the position you would wish to place the ad.

    The Ad will dynamically change itself based on the device on which your visitors use to visit the site.

    But since you have stated that you do not have your own blog, I do not think you can have any say in ad serving. Revenue sharing sites like Indiastudychannel and Techulator do not let you have control over the way on ad serving. If you want to control the manner of ad serving, you will need to use it on your site.

    Live....and Let Live!

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