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    Which Inverter AC to buy in 1.5 ton?

    Are you looking for the best Inverter AC to buy in 1.5 ton? Ask our technical experts for their best opinion.

    I have decided to buy AC of 1.5 ton for my bedroom. I am confused between the Panasonic and Hitachi inverter AC. The shopkeeper in Croma told me to buy Panasonic (Rs 48500/-) I choose Hitachi (47500/-)
    Which one should I buy? I have a vouchers of Croma so I have to buy from Croma. Which Company is better in terms of noise, cooling, less maintenance, material, energy savings and service in Surat (Bardoli)? Is there any other brand if you can suggest? Which Inverter AC is better? Should I go with 3* or 5*?
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    In current market different companies offer various range of Inverter AC's.

    My personal pick is from Blue star. Blue star is one of the leading air conditioning and commercial refrigeration company. Which has good reviews in consumer market and widely sold.

    How Inverter AC works ?

    Lot of us know how the Air Conditioner works the Inverter Air conditioner works quite same. The drive converts the incoming AC current to DC and then through a modulation in an electrical inverter produces current of desired frequency. A micro-controller can simple each ambient air temperature and adjust accordingly the speed of the compressor.

    Why Blue star?

    Blue star AC that thinks and adjusts according to your needs. Its compressor frequency changes to the ambient load. As frequency changes, RPM of the compressor also changes. Eliminates any temperature fluctuations and helps maintain a comfortable temperature.

    Blue star offers two variants

    1.Inverter split AC

    2. R410A DC Multi Inverter
    A typical residence of two bedrooms and a living room requires 4.5TR (3 x 1.5TR) of airconditioning. However, only two rooms are occupied at most points of time. Traditionally this means installation of three ODUs and three IDUs, each of 1.5TR capacity, occupying more ODU space resulting in clutter and spoiling the facade.

  • Here's the feature wise comparison of these two ACs.

    1. Noise: Both the AC's are free from any device noise. Only sound you'd get is when you turn on the humidify remover fan. And that sound too is for few seconds initially up-to point where it gets into the motion. So on this front you have both ACs performing better.

    2. Cooling: Two most important point to look at are - de-humidification and moisture removal. Hitachi seems to be good at de-humidification. However the Hitachi's 1.5 ton AC model does not have the moisture removal. The Panasonic's 49K model with similar specification does have that feature. So if you check model specific to the price then you'd find in terms of moisture removal Panasonic is better. However on cooling speed, Hitachi seems to be performing much better.

    3. Energy Savings: Both these models have Eco certification with 3 to 5 stars, so they don't emit harmful gases during the cooling process. So it helps to know that in terms of energy savings they are good too.

    4. Material : The design and the material used in both AC's is premium quality. You'd find Hitachi having better material specs compared to Panasonic.

    5. Maintenance: Both the ACs are free from any form of maintenance as far as warranty period is concerned. However for some reason if you may find any such issue, you'd only find issue with the cooling or fan. And it's hard to judge entire model or series of ACs based on experience of one or so defective pieces.

    6. Service Your location (Surat) is within the service center range for both the AC companies. So you may not have any issues after sales if any AC has performance or maintenance issues. You'd be able to raise support tickets and get things resolved.

    Both these models are good enough for home usage or small business rooms. Do note that Hitachi's 1.5 ton model have few features missing like moisture removal in the split AC model. So at the end it comes down to the price you wish to pay and the features you want in AC. Depending on that you can choose the model.

    Panasonic and Hitachi both are reputed brands in the air conditioning industry. However Hitachi has better reputation and issue handling after sales. So if you have any issues with the AC after particular time period then you'd find Hitachi's after sales service better.

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