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    Is there any way to open SQLITE3 database which include saved password of chrome?
    I found a SQLITE3 database named "login" for chrome.
    I tried to open this file containing saved password of chrome but this is encrypted in MD 5. So is there any way to open this file and decrypt, which will help me to find the passwords?
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  • Google saves its database in the form of SQLite file format. When you use the Save Password option, the passwords are stored in an SQLite database. These files have a .db extension. You can locate these files by navigating to User profiles\app Data\local\google\chrome\user data\default.
    The default folder cited above has many database files. You need to find the one that says Login Data.
    You can use multiple methods to retrieve the passwords from the folder mentioned above.

    1. Use a database browser

    You can use any Database browser to retrieve the information saved in the database file. Make sure the database browser you use supports the SQLite file format. You just need to browse to the Login Data folder indicated above. The browser will show history, incoming URL and all other details.
    However, please note that the location of the file may not be accessible to the database browser software being used by you. I would advice you to copy the file from the original location and paste it any location that is convenient to you. Your database browser app should be able to access and open it for you.

    2. Use Chrome settings
    If your concern is only to view the passwords, here is an easy method for the purpose.
    • Launch Chrome and go to Settings.
    • Select Show Advanced Settings.
    • Now go to Passwords and forms
    • You should see a Offer to save your web passwords check box if you have opted to save password.
    • Click on Manage Passwords option just beside this checkbox.
    • You will be shown a list of saved passwords with respect to different sites. The password will be shown as asterisks.
    • Click on Show to view the password.

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  • There are two steps involved in decrypting the user passwords on the Google Chrome. First is trying to find out the SQL file where the encrypted database is stored.

    Usually this file is stored in the following location: User profiles\app Data\local\google\chrome\user data\default

    If you are on Mac or Linux then this path will be different. And it should be closer to your root folder with local profile. So that path will vary accordingly.

    You have to copy this file and paste it in another location. Note you need to copy not move.

    In second step you are going to need a decryption tool. You can download plenty of third party decrypter that can help you unmask MD5 encrypted data.

    1. For example download this python script that does the google chrome password decryption. If you have python installed on your computer then you can use this script.

    type the following : python chrome-decrypter [filename]


    2. Another good tool to use is Google chrome password decrypter:
    You can download the setup and point it to the encrypted file. And then it should show you the content.

    3. Chromepass: This is another small utility that allows you to view the google MD5 encrypted passwords. You can download the app from here :

    Do note that some of the passwords get cleared once the session is completed. Some websites keep the passwords infinitely irrespective of sessions. So you may able to get the passwords of chrome profile and such websites.

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