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  • How to record IPL cricket matches in my TV?

    Love watching cricket matches? Want to download latest IPL matches? Check this thread to know how to record IPL cricket matches in your TV.

    Currently I am using Videocon DTH on my Samsung LED TV. There is option for recording as mentioned in the user manual provided with the TV. However, when I insert a pen drive and check the options, I do not find anything. How can I record IPL cricket matches in 2016 so that I can see them later ?
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  • I guess you are trying to use the the PEN drive on the TV. In that case, I need to bring to your attention that the option of recording a TV show will only work if you are getting the analog or digital signals directly to your TV. Your case seems to be entirely different.
    Since you are using a DTH service, the above procedure would not work. As for the Videocon D2H. you will need to have a HD Set Top Box for the purpose of recording the TV content. If you are using the HD box, make sure the box has the USB port for connecting the pen drive. Once you confirm the same, subscribe for the recording service by calling up the customer care. Once the service is enabled on your account, you can connect the pen drive and schedule the recording through the Guide menu on your set top box. Please note that the service is charged at Rs. 30 per month. Also you can record only one channel at a time.
    Another alternative would be to opt for the HD DVR box from Videocon D2H. It lets you record two programmes from two different channels at a time. Besides the service will not attract any subscription charges.

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  • Normal set top box requires manual activation and the box software update before it can record the analog signal. So if your box is not digital video signal receptor then you should upgrade. If the box is not HD then you may need to ask the customer service center for the activation.

    When you upgrade to digital set top box with HD functionality, then your box gets all the channels in digital reception. It doesn't require activation from the broadcasting end for you to record the channel. So you just need to record the channel by inserting pen drive and following recording options on screen.

    If your box doesn't recognize the pen drive and recording feature is not writing to the drive, then you should call the technician. You have to explain your problem and they may help you on this. Make sure that your pen drive is functional and free of space before you show the troubleshooting of your box.

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