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  • Which is better DTH- Tata Sky or Dish TV ?

    Do you wish to have a comparison between the DTH- Tata Sky and Dish TV ? Ask our technical experts for their best opinion.

    I am actually fan of cable TV as it is way cheaper than DTH providers. Moreover local cable TV providers add channels as per special program schedules. However, there is no option for cable TV in my new locality and thus I have to go for DTH. I have selected two names- Tata Sky and dish TV. Which of these is better in terms of service, pricing and customer support ?
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  • Here are my observations of the DTH providers.

    1. Tata Sky They are one of the popular DTH service known for their better digital signal and the quality of customer service. They are premium service for a reason, and their cost justifies the service they are offering.

    Pricing Tata sky has base package of 99 Rs like most of the other DTH packages. Add- on packages include - news channels, movies channels, English channels, sports channels. And the prices for those add on packages are competitively priced. If you purchase custom made package then it becomes a bit expensive. So using their own prebuilt packages makes sense e.g. Metro package and sports mix package are economical. The HD service is also cheap, it is priced 175 Rs per month in addition to the channel subscription.

    Customer Support: Tata Sky is very responsive and caring towards the customer concerns. Also the relocation and the technical issues are usually resolved on same day. Tickets are not kept pending for weeks. So they are much quicker on support side.

    2. Dish TV: Second most preferred DTH service. They have better signal strength like Tata Sky. However digital quality isn't as good as Tata Sky as of yet. The notice is pretty much noticeable.

    Pricing Dish TV has multiple package with base package on which you get free dish channels. Additional addon packages include language, sports, English news and movies packs. So the price will vary based on that. The pricing wise the dish TV cost is slightly less than Tata Sky.

    Customer Support : The customer support is varied for this network. Some of the cities have sub par support for the relocation. Compared to Tata Sky they are lacking on this front. However the technician side, they are good with the resolving queries.

    If you want better HD viewing signal, have better budget and relocate often then go with Tata Sky. If you have limited moderate budget, relocate less and want normal quality reception then get Dish TV or VideoCon D2H. They may not be offering that high digital output like Tata Sky but they have quality analog output, which is worth the money you're paying for.

    Cable TV providers are being forced for package system too just like DTH subscribers with new TRAI guidelines. So in few more months or years, the pricing from all the providers is going to be pretty much the same. So it all depends on the quality of reception and better customer service at the end.

  • Well, between DishTV and Tata Sky - there is not much of a difference. In fact, price wise all the DTH service providers are at par in the current scenario.

    Channel Count
    As far as channel count is concerned, DishTV had the upper hand till now. However, with the latest additions Tata Sky has been the service provider with the high number of channels. Tata Sky has recently added a host of new HD channels. Besides, as far as the addition of newly launched channels are concerned, TataSky takes the lead in comparison with DishTV.

    In terms of pricing, Tata Sky has always gained the distinction of being expensive. However, with the current trend, the cost of package price across all the service providers remains almost same. However, price wise DishTV has a slight edge over Tata Sky.

    Customer care
    Customer care service with the Tata Sky is of professional standard. They excel with prompt resolutions for almost all of the problems you may face while using their services. DishTV has a slightly tarnished image when it comes to the after sales service. Not that it is similar across all the cities, they seem to have quite an excellent service across certain cities. The issue is with their local franchisees. In essence, if you want better after sales service, it would be a good idea to opt for Tata Sky.

    Quality of service
    Picture quality is definitely of top class in Tata Sky. Not that DishTV lacks much, but since they are still sticking with MPEG 2 - they have been facing space crunch and as such need to have the higher rate of compression.

    User Interface
    Tata Sky beats DishTV when it comes to the UI. The interface is clean and stylish in Tata Sky. The menu in Tata Sky is clutter free while navigating through the menu on DishTV is a little difficult.

    As far as the service level is concerned, almost all the DTH service providers are almost similar with a very little difference here and there. I would advise you to check out the packages and decide on a service which offers better pricing for the channels of your choice.

    Live....and Let Live!

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