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  • How to get Airtel Broadband disconnected from office ?

    Do you want to get the Airtel Broadband disconnected from your office? Ask our technical experts how to go about it.

    I am going to use a dedicated fiber network for high speed internet in Lucknow. Thus want to get the Airtel account terminated. How long it will take to get Airtel broadband disconnected and also mention the safety measures to be taken so that I do not get billed after disconnection. I have heard a lot of horror stories regarding Airtel in this respect.
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  • First step is to call them or send them an email mentioning disconnection and the reason for the same. As long as you get things in writing, the connection getting closed would be easy to verify from your end.

    Here are detailed instructions on closing the connections.

    1. Call the customer service number or an email or another email ID is
    2. Notify them about connection closing. Mention your account number and other required details.
    3. Make sure you get ticket number about the issue from the IVR system or from email responder.
    4. Keep the print copy of the support ticket.
    5. Get the technical to pick up your modem and device and wires.
    6. If you have any unpaid bills, then you have to pay them including current payment cycle.
    7. Get the document or receipt of your account being closed. Keep the copy of that with you for as long as possible. (There are instances of Airtel sending bill to you even if the account is closed).
    8. Make sure you also get the technician's phone number and name, and mention it when you write follow up emails during the connection closer.
    9. Keep the communication active till the account is properly closed.
    10. After confirmation of closure from both online and offline means, you can get the print copies of that communication.

    You have an option to initiate closure of connection using either one of them - email, phone, written mail and by physically going to their service centers.

    If you need assistance for the connection closure, just send message to Airtel on these social media channels.
    1. Twitter:
    2. Facebook:

    Make sure you keep them in loop on social media if you had any issues with resolution of your disconnection.

  • You are right when you refer to the horror stories concerned with the AirTel broadband. Follow the below-mentioned steps to get the connection discontinued.
    1. Visit the nearest AirTel Authorised customer care centre.
    2. Submit the application for the disconnection.
    3. Surrender the telephone and the splitter along with any of the properties belonging to AirTel.
    4. Pay the dues till the date. Ask them to generate the bill up to the day of submission of application.
    5. Get the acknowledgement for the payment made.
    6. Shoot an email to AirTel indicating the disconnection. As far my info goes the email ID is Please confirm the correct address from the service centre or official website.
    7. Save the automatic acknowledgement received via email.
    8. Do not, this is important – DO NOT use the connection ever again. AirTel may cancel disconnection citing continued usage.
    9. They will keep calling you for a couple of days to retain you. Let them know politely that you do not want to retain the connection.
    10. Please make it a point to keep record of all the records of your communication with the customer care or allied services till the connection is officially closed.

    It would be better if you choose multiple channels for closing the service. Get in touch with them through email, phone and social media. Actually, email or phone conversations are private and thus may not make much of a difference. It would be the best idea to get in touch with them through social media as they will be quicker with the resolutions or responses.

    The Facebook account of AirTel is -

    The Twitter handle reads -
    The alternative Twitter handle is -

    Live....and Let Live!

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