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  • How to make free call from PC to mobile through internet?

    Want to make free calls via internet? Check out this thread to know how you can make free call from PC to mobile through internet.

    Is there any app or website that allows free calling from PC to mobile ? I checked for few websites but all of them are asking for credit card. Please do not suggest websites that allow video chat. I am interested in making calls to mobile numbers from PC.
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  • There are many services that allow you to make PC to mobile using VOIP technology. Some of the services are paid and some of them are free of cost. Depending on your situation you can use the right one. Either free or paid service can be used to make calls from PC to Mobile (or landline).

    Here are some of your options to make calls from PC to mobile.

    oovoo Ad supported free call app. It can be used for many other functionalities such as messenger in mobile or even as file transfer tool. It has both free and paid plans.

    Voxox This app is like oovoo that allows you to make free calls, send SMS on the phone. Being free is an added advantage.

    IEVAPhone This is VOIP based flash widget tool that allows you to make voice calls to numbers anywhere around the world. It has android app too. Service is completely free of cost. You just have to get open line before you can use it.

    Lumicall: This is another service that allows web based interface for the making calls. In case of the web interface you don't need any plugin to download. You should just make calls from the browser popup window. It has both free and paid plans. Supports : Web interface and Android. Free plan included.

    Viber It's not just your typical android app anymore. It has PC and iOS program that allows free voice call to other viber users and limited international countries. The service is free of charge.

    There are many other VOIP services but lot of them include conference based features too. So from core voice based point of view, the above listed services are good to check out.

  • Well, there are a few services that can be used to call mobile from your PC -

    1. Call2friends
    The service lets you call any number - even the international ones. However, there is a catch here - your calls can last only ONE minute and only once per day. But there is a workaround with which you can bypass this restriction. You need to install Chrome or Firefox extension and use a proxy to connect to the site.

    The site gives free call access for a duration of 2 minutes. However, you can make a total of 15 calls per day. Though 2 minutes appear quite less for a good calling experience, the service is good for sharing an important and urgent information.

    3. VoIP Maker
    This is one of the easiest services to call your friends. Just visit the link Enter the phone number in the international format and make calls.

    4. ZoiPPE
    ZoiPPE is a HongKong based VoIP service provider. The service also offers SMS and IM services.

    Live....and Let Live!

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