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  • Does Blue ray filters really work?

    Do you want to know if Blue ray filters really work? Ask our technical experts for an authentic feedback.

    I downloaded a blue ray filter flux for my windows pc to avoid eye irritation. It is better than the usual desktop which is so bright and will cause irritation for sure. It makes the desktop look like a sunset timing light, a light red.

    But does this flux work for real? How does it work? What does it do?
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  • Blue Ray Filter Flux is a computer software that adjusts the display brightness based on the time of the day and location.

    How does it work?
    Once you install the application, you need to choose the location. This can be done by a variety of ways. You can choose the name of the location. If your location is not available, you can set it using geographic coordinates. The application also allows you to set up your location using ZIP code where supported.
    Once the location is set, the application does automatic calibration based on the time of the day and the sunset/sunrise time of the chosen location. The display will have a warmer tone during sunset and restore to the original settings at sunrise.

    You can choose from a wider range of colour profiles and temperature range. The application also has different modes for individual activities.

    There is no scientific proof for the authenticity of the application as such. The developers claim to have a list of research and provide proof for the same. However, the PC will not detect the actual blue light. It will just guess the hue based on the time of the day and change the contrast accordingly. That makes it not much reliable. It has been claimed that the reduction in exposure to blue light improves the effective sleep. The application reduces the blue hue and replaces it with reds and greens.

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  • The reason these filters were developed is because studies have found that blue light has some bad effect on our eye sight. So the computer radiation along with the blue light can damage the eye sight and also the perception capacity of the person. So in order to avoid this issue the filter apps are designed for reducing contrast on desktop and mobiles.

    How blue light filter works? They check the day or night time and based on that change the screen color values. So if the screen has more variations of blue, those are then removed. And they are either replaced with red or green hue. So the temperature of the device and also the radiation values are reduced.

    The app however is not that effective. The reason being phone has no means to sense the lights around. This is one reason phone makes use of time as a way to change the hue on the screen. The apps are designed to just reduce the contrast during the after sunset hours.

    The scientific study in this topic is covered in these sources.

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