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    How to use Finger print scanner in Letv Le 1s?

    One of my friend uses Letv Le 1s and he wanted to know about it. How to use Finger print scanner in Letv Le 1s? Do let me know complete step by step process.
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    Fingerprint scanners aren't just reserved for the very top-tier of smartphones these days, even your reasonably priced mid-ranger can come packing in the additional security hardware. Letv Le1s is one of them for setting up the fingerprint
    goto > settings > Fingerprint scanner > Unlock with fingerprint and select Add Fingerprint. To setup fingerprint scanner the additional security of Pin, Password or Pattern is required if scanner fails to detect you fingerprint.
    select anyone additional security features and setup Pin, Password or Pattern > it asks for your Letv account you can skip that and place your finger on sensor as shown on screen you can see the progress of scanning. Tap bunch of times on the sensor to complete.
    You can add one or more fingerprints by repeating the process.

  • The finger print scanner on LeTV Le 1S is quite unique in many more ways than one.
    To set it up follow thse steps -
    1. Go to Settings.
    2. Navigate to Finger Print Scanner.
    3. Select Unlock with Fingerprint.
    4. Now select Add Fingerprint.

    At this stage you need to register your finger print. Place your finger on the finger print scanner. It will vibrate once it reads your finger print. You can set up up to six finger prints on your Le 1S.

    Now, to unlock your device, you need to place your finger on the scanner. One of the unique features with the Le 1S is it offers you a 360 degree unlock. That means you can place your finger upside down or in any direction you would like to. The scanner can recognise your finger print and unlock your phone.

    Apart from unlocking the device, the finger print scanner can also be used to take photographs. To be able to do that, you need to set the functionality at the setup stage.
    1. In the Finger prints section of the settings menu, locate the Tap to capture photo option.
    2. Tap once on the check box to activate the option.

    Once done with the setting as stated above, tap on the Finger print scanner to capture the photo.

    More features to unlock the apps and other uses of the finger print scanner are expected through future updates of the device.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • In order to use the Letv Le 1s finger print scanner you have to enable the options first.

    Follow the step by step process to enable the scanner.

    1. Tap into Settings icon.
    2. Go to "Fingerprint Scanner" option.
    3. Choose "Unlock with Fingerprint" option from the widget.
    4. Then select "Add Fingerprint".
    5. Put the finger on scanner for few seconds.
    6. Phone will notify with vibration about completed scan.
    7. Save settings.

    You can also take a look at the Letv Le 1s demo to see how this can be done.

    Check the youtube video:

    If you're choosing finger print option then make sure you add multiple fingers to log into phone. If possible use another family members finger too for backup purpose.

  • To use the Finger Print Option in Letv Le 1s phone, use these simple steps.

    1. After switching on your phone, you will get to see a list of icons, wherein there would be a "Finger print" icon.

    2. You can also go to the "Settings" to get this Option.

    3. There Click on the "Add Finger Print" Option.

    4. There is a hollow place to put your finger at the back side of your phone.

    5. Keep placing your finger repeatedly till it shows it has scanned it 100%.

    6. Once you have successfully installed the first finger print, you can keep adding fingerprints of 5 fingers or even fingers of your family members , if you want them to access your phone.

    But before you go ahead with the installation of finger prints the phone will prompt to set a 4 digit PIN to unlock your phone. So, even if you use the finger print option, the PIN unlocking system would be existing for extra security purpose.

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