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  • What is meant by- ‘IMPS transfer pending at bank’s end’?

    Do you know what is meant by- ‘IMPS transfer pending at bank’s end’? Ask our experts to know what it means.

    I tried doing an IMPS bank transfer and I got a message that 'IMPS transfer is pending at bank's end'. What does it exactly mean? When will the transfer be successful? Do tell me please.
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  • When you make a IMPS transfer, your sender mobile first sends this information to the sender bank , which checks the data; whether your MMID is correct or not and if it matches with what it has in its system. If it's all correct, it debits the money from your bank account and transfers this to the NCPI server, which then transfers it back to the receiver's bank. The receiver bank goes about checking everything again and then sends the status of the whole transaction to NCPI, which passes it back to Sender's bank. Both Receiver and Sender are then updated about the transaction through SMS. All this normally takes just about 15-30 seconds for everything to happen and the money gets transferred near instantaneously.

    If receive a message saying that "IMPS transfer pending at bank's end", it states that the transaction is pending in between Sender's bank and Receiver's bank as shown in the image below. This process can take up to 15-30 minutes be patience.

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  • The transfer of balance between the sender and receiver bank accounts within a time span of around 30 seconds. If you get a message stating that the transaction is pending at bank end, it should be indicative of some issues of communication error between sender bank, NCPI server and the receiver bank. In case, it is not resolved within a span of around 15 minutes, you may contact the sender bank for the refund if the amount is debited from your account.

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  • The delay that you're experiencing is because of the transaction and process verification. So transfers are likely to have delay upto 15 minutes or more depending on bank and their server setup. Most of the banks that offer IMPS transaction completes the process within 5-10 minutes. However in some cases there is going to be a delay after verification step.

    By the end of 30 minutes, if the money is not transferred and you still see the IMPS delay message, then that could be the server issue. You should ask the bank to process this manually.

    Do note that App and Netbanking requests for IMPS have their own delay for the process. So the delay you experience could vary from the method you choose to access the IMPS terminal. For example bank terminals for IMPS are quicker than your netbanking dashboard and Android App.

    The amount higher than 50,000/- usually has some delays from Apps. Also almost every bank has cap on maximum limit of 2 Lakh on IMPS amount whether you use Netbanking or App.

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