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  • Restore backup contacts for my mobile phone

    Do you want to know if you can Restore the backup contacts for your mobile phone? Ask our technical experts for the best advice.

    I was having a previous phone which got damaged and is not working. So I have decided to buy a new phone. The backup files of the phone are in the memory card which is fine. The question is that can I export my contacts and other information from that backup files of memory card? My phone model was Gionee M2 .
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  • The instructions below are for your new Gionee phone which is functional.

    If you have taken the backup on SD card then you don't need the OLD phone to be working. All you have to do is use the backup in SD card to import the content in new mobile.

    Contacts in Android can be imported from CSV file or vCard file. Depending on how your exported data is stored you can do the import respectively.

    You have following options to import the contacts backup.

    1. Import vcard file.
    2. Use PC suite to use contact import
    3. Use Google account to sync the contacts

    Let's take a look at each one of the options.

    1. Import vCard File in New Phone : Get the vcard file from your backup and upload it to your SD card. Now tap into your contacts context menu. Use import contact option. Navigate to the file from the list. And let the process finish the importing of contacts.

    2. Gionee PC Suite on new Phone : Depending on your new phone version you have to download PC suite. You can connect the phone using USB. And then you can find the phone contact import option inside PC suite. It takes few seconds to move that contacts backup to the phone.

    3. Google account sync If you contacts are stored on Google account for your previous phone, then you can sync the content to new phone. All you have to do is login with your that google account on new phone. And then sync the settings using "Google settings" option in your phone. If you don't have contacts in google account, then you can manually upload the vCard file or CSV file from the backup and sync the Google account.

    You can use one of the options to upload your backup of contacts into the new phone.

  • You can use the following methods to get your contacts on a new phone -

    Use import
    1. Insert the memory card into your new phone.
    2. Go to your Contacts.
    3. Locate Settings and select Import/export.
    4. Now choose Import from SD card. The option may differ based on the model of your phone.
    This method needs your contacts backup to be saved in vcf format.

    Google contacts
    This will not need your memory card backup file to get the contacts from the old phone to the new one. But, it will work only if you have synced your contacts and other data to your Google account while setting up your previous phone. Signing in to your new device with the same Google account and syncing it will bring your contacts back on your device.

    Live....and Let Live!

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