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  • What is S Bike Mode feature in Samsung Galaxy J3 ?

    Do you want to know what is S Bike Mode feature in Samsung Galaxy J3 ? Ask our technical experts for detailed information.

    I would like to know the use of S Bike Mode feature in Samsung Galaxy J3. What does it do? What is its advantage? Please tell me.
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  • The S Bike mode is the new technology used in the new Samsung Galaxy J3. The mode is quite helpful for the bike riders who do not want to get disturbed with the calls while on ride.
    What is S Bike Mode
    It is a unique mode developed by Samsung R & D team in India. It makes use of Near Field Communication _ NFC technology. You will need the NFC enabled stickers or tags which you can stick to the fuel tank.
    How does it work?
    You will need to switch on the S Bike mode before commencing the ride. Now tap the phone on the sticker and the mode gets activated. Once activated, it will mute your incoming calls and if anyone calls you, the caller will be notified that the recipient is riding a bike and cannot take the calls right now. If the caller, however, is not in a position to wait and needs to get connected urgently, he may press 1 on the dialer. On such occurrence, the device will notify by playing a different ringtone to indicate that this is an urgent call. Now, as long as you do not halt the bike, the phone will not let you take the call. That is the best part with the technology. The inbuilt motion lock technology stops the call being taken by identifying that the vehicle is in motion.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • S Biker Mode on Samsung J smartphone is a modification of earlier system where Samsung used to send "Do not disturb" messages.

    Biker Mode Concept: The basic premise behind the mode is that when you're riding the bike or driving the car, you ca set the mode on. And the device will notify others when they call that the person is riding the bike and can't take the call. In case if there is any emergency, the person can press the number "1" on dial-pad and get the call. This way the person retains the option of choosing which call to get and ignore.

    How it works?

    The S Bike mode makes use of NFC activation. Once you tap into the mobile the mode is activated. This mode then can also be deactivated by tapping the same tag. The same tag can be used to access quick access panel on the mobile.

    When activated the the mobile goes into motion lock mode. And during this mode there is no incoming call being alerted to the user. Once the user stops the mode itself, then he can get the calls.

    To avoid issues in case of emergency calls, user can use the quick deactivation by pressing 1 button. However in between no notification or the calls being transferred to the user.

    This mode also allows the user to see the log of notifications which includes the incoming calls or the calls ignored. It can be handy to get back when you disable the biker mode.

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