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    Does Samsung Galaxy J3 support OTG cable?

    Do you want to know if Samsung Galaxy J3 support OTG cable? Ask our technical experts for the right information.

    I would like to know if the newly launched smartphone Samsung Galaxy J3 supports OTG cable or not. Please let me know.
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  • Well, considering the price point at which the Samsung Galaxy J3 has been launched, it would have been strange if the feature was not available on it. Yes, the Galaxy J3 has the USB OTG functionality. You can connect the external drives that you may have to your device and view the files stored on them on your smartphone. Please check for the file system compatibility between the smartphone and the external drive connected. If there is a compatibility issue, you may need to format the drive to the supported format. Ensure you have backed up the data on the drive before proceeding with the formatting.
    Also please note that the USB OTG cable is not available as part of the sales package. You will need to buy it as a separate accessory.

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  • Samsung Galaxy J3 is a modern smartphone that has the OTG support. The device has MicroUSB 2.0 support which allows it to use the USB OTG functionality.

    The smartphone can be charged using the OTG cable. And the same cable can be used for the file transfer for the device. As the device does not include the connectivity cable, you are supposed to buy the external cable as part of add-on accessories.

  • Thank You for the information I asked about. I will surely steer my friends to this site for their connectivity questions.

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