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    Slow Download Speed of Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro

    Are you worried about the slower Download Speed of Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro you are using? Ask our experts to know what could be the reason behind and its way out.

    As stated in the title, my few week old phone has a horrendous download speed over mobile data and wifi. On mobile data I get 60kB/s down and a wonderful 2272 kB/s up. and for wifi I get 0.3kB/s down and 160.9kB/s up. Can anyone define what is the problem? I do have a manual cut sim card that is a slightly bad fit in my sim tray but I use paper to prop it up to fit more snugly in the sim slot. Please Help!
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  • When I checked the official MiUI forum, I found that there are a couple of complaints indicating the issue of slow download. If you are using a router for WiFi, check if the issue is with your router and phone. In some cases, certain sort of incompatibility between the router and the phone can cause such issues. Check it with any other router - may be at your school or office ( as the case may be).
    Though I could find a few complaints, Xiaomi does not seem to be coming up with any update on the same. I would advice you to contact your authorised service center with the proof your tests.

    One of the best options before opting for contacting service centre consider updating the firmware to the latest one. Xiaomi has been releasing frequent security updates on almost a monthly basis. Updating your phone to the latest available for your region may help you solve your problem.

    Live....and Let Live!

  • Previous MiUI update in January had this issue with the hotspot and the networking connection. The issue caused the system to lag down the connectivity. Almost every device has suffered with this bug. And resulted in the slow speed connection.

    This month on April 10th Xiaomi released MIUI update for the device. This update has managed to patch some security and other bug issues. So you may want to update the device as soon as possible.

    Forum however has replies notifying that Redmi Note 3 Pro has yet to clean up this bug. So it should be patched for this device only in next update. The genetic updates to other Xiaomi devices however have solved this issue.

    I suggest you to update the device with this month's MIUI update. This should patch some of the existing bugs for the device.

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